Apartment Am Teich

Lutzmannsburg, Burgenland, Austria


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Accommodation Type:
Private Holiday Home 4 suns
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“We warmly welcome you!”
Eveline Schuckert
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Apartment Am Teich - Apartment Am Teich Lutzmannsburg
Food Arrangement
No Food Arrangements
Price per night from
50.00 EUR

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Accommodation Type:
Private Holiday Home
Room Types:
4 Rooms/Suites
2 Apartments
Parking lots available
No sauna
No pets allowed
No swimming pool
No restaurant
No indoor pool
No WiFi
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“We warmly welcome you!”
Ms Eveline Schuckert
Neustiftgasse 11
7361 Lutzmannsburg, Austria
Any questions? Give us a call!
+43 512 9001 14837
(Daily 8 am - 9 pm)
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Location & Getting There
Neustiftgasse 11
7361 Lutzmannsburg
  • Center
  • Out in the open
  • Distance
  • 16km Railway Station 1