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... your gateway to the pristine Bohemian Forest region!

Aigen's development was greatly influenced by it's location on an important trading troute between the Danube and Bohemia. Located in the Große Mühl valley, Aigen is your gateway to the Bohemian Forest.

Today Aigen-Schlägl is the region's main tourist destination and offers great holidays any time of the year. Thanks to its beautiful landscape and great choice of activities, Aigen-Schlägl make it easy to forget about everyday life for a while.


In 1242 Provost Heinrich from Schlägl Monastery called on 21 families to build a settlement on the monastery grounds.

In 1362 Aigen was granted market town rights.

In 1585, 1802 and 1852 the town completely burnt down in fires.

A new market system was introduced in 1599 which helped Aigen become an important trading town in the region.

In 1708 the people were given the right to advocate a market judge (mayor and judge in one person). The people were freed from the robot and heriot systems. The heriot was the right of a lord in feudal Europe to seize a serf's second best ox upon his death, or his second best cow upon his wife's death.

The new church, which was built in 1901, changed the overall appearance of the town.

Summer tourism started in Aigen around 1970. Meanwhile the town has developed in the region’s main tourist destinations.

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    15 / 24 °C
  • Tomorrow
    16 / 22 °C
  • Thursday
    16 / 22 °C
  • Friday
    14 / 25 °C
  • Saturday
    14 / 28 °C
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Arrival & Address

Western motorway - Linz - B 127
Via Munich - Landshut - A92 - Deggendorf - Passau A3 - northern exit via
Via Nürnberg - Regensburg A3 - Passau - northern exit via Wegscheid
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Mühlkreis line to Linz
From Linz take the road B 2143 or B 2266
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Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
Ferienregion Böhmerwald
Hauptstraße 2
4160 Aigen-Schlägl, Austria
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