The Lower Austrian municipality Ennsdorf is situated at the border to Upper Austria and directly borders the town Enns.

The Danube port Enns-Ennsdorf, shortly "Enns" port, counts among the most important cargo handling ports of Austria and offers the combined possibility of street, railway track and water street Danube, the cheapest and most environmentally friendly mode of transport.
Up until now, the Enns port could achieve a water handling of 1 million tons, and thus replaced 33 000 trucks on the street. At the moment, already 44 companies with more than 1 400 employees have settled at the Enns port and the connected economy parks Enns and Ennsdorf.

Discover the surroundings of Ennsdorf on one of the hiking paths or by bike, the popular Danube cycle track Passau-Vienna also ...

... leads past here. Furthermore, we have a beach volleyball court and a fun court for the youth.

Especially recommendable is a visit into the next town Enns, the oldest town of Austria. The romantic city of Enns mirrors all the great ages: Celtic Age, Roman Age (Basilica Lorch), Middle Ages up to Baroque (old town, castle, and the 60 m high city tower built in the 16th century).

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    14 / 27 °C
  • Tomorrow
    15 / 28 °C
  • Sunday
    17 / 24 °C
  • Monday
    15 / 29 °C
  • Tuesday
    17 / 26 °C
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Gemeindeamt Ennsdorf
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4482 Ennsdorf, Austria