Hadersdorf - Kammern

Hadersdorf - Kammern
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The municipality Hadersdorf-Kammern, also called the "gate to the Kamptal valley", lies at the entrance into the Straßertal valley.

The name Hadersdorf was first officially mentioned in 865. In an official document of 1136, it has been called Haderichsdorff.

The first official name as market municipality dates back to the year 1365.

If you find yourself at the large, shady market square, you may feel yourself transferred back into this past era. Without affecting current requirements and living standards, nearly all of the old building substance could remain.

Old mansions with facades of various eras are a testimonial to the wealthiness of its former citizens.

Since 973 AD, wine growing is cultivated here. There is also a wine growing museum located in an old wine cellar, the so-called "Hiata-Hütte".

The traditional "Hiata-Celebration" takes place every year during the wine harvest where the cellars invite you to enjoy food and drinks.

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    5 / 19 °C
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    7 / 21 °C
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    8 / 23 °C
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