Harbach Moor Bath

A warm welcome to the spa and tourism community Moorbad Harbach!

Eventually, we´re there. Inmidst "Nebelstein" and "Mandlstein". Both are natural memorials. The view is far. Clear air. Pure relaxation.

Smooth hills. Small meadows and fields. Farmers tend the landscape. We want to thank them for that, have a look into the farmer´s museum. Watch the history of a farmer´s court. Find the tradition "Glas". Grind lead crystal - carry it out into the world. Granite is our stone - witnesses to an unimaginably long past. Experience today. While hiking on the Ohyna path or the Hubertus path. But also meet the woods.

relax - be healthy - feel good

We discover our moor. It serves the people. It alleviates pain and heals! Creates well-being. In Moorbad Harbach you will discover the connection between therapy and life quality!

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Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
Tourismusverein Moorbad Harbach
Moorbad Harbach
3970 Moorbad Harbach, Austria