Small, yet Beautiful and Idyllic!

Pennewang first appeared in historical documents as "Benniwanch" in the year 887 and has had its own coat of arms since 1987.

The tiny commune is part of the District of Wels Country. The area exhibits a predominantly rural landscape with 27 rural hamlets. Pennewang spreads over a territory of 18.38km² and has 859 residents.

The economy of the area is heavily based upon agriculture with a few small and medium-sized businesses.
In Pennewang, you´ll experience a warm and welcoming community, a safe environment that allows the freedom for quiet living or community involvement.

Local attractions that are worth seeing include the magnificent Stations of ...

... the Cross and the lovely Chapel at Felling that was completely refurbished in 1999. This Chapel dates back to the year 1725 and is a popular place to hold baptisms.

Numerous local associations and organizations offer a wide array of arts exhibitions and cultural events. The village hall at the heart of Pennewang has been refurbished in the year 2000 and provides a perfect setting for a variety of events.

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    15 / 21 °C
  • Tomorrow
    15 / 24 °C
  • Thursday
    14 / 25 °C
  • Friday
    15 / 26 °C
  • Saturday
    15 / 27 °C
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