Scheibbs welcomes its visitors as a charming, lovely small town. Former trade and commerce have made it a centre of the iron production.

The narrow streets, the mighty mansions, the impressive parish church and the adjacent castle radiate a romantic atmosphere and invite you to a stroll through the old town. Remainants of the fortifying walls with conserved towers still provide an impression of the former defensive power of the town. The "Schützenscheiben" museum hosts the largest collection of Schützenscheiben in the German part of the world. The traditional ceramics of Scheibbs are renowned across the regional borders.

At the same time, the district capital presents itself as "living heart" of the Ötscher country and is administrative centre, a health centre, a school town and an important ...

... economic centre.
A varied event program with events, presentations, readings and concerts makes Scheibbs a cultural centre, too. High above the town, the monument Urlinger vantage point provides its guests with a view up to the Waldviertel region and the Gesäuse national park.

On the traces of the Charterhouse monks, hammer lords and sound artists

Visit Scheibbs and learn about its specialities! Go on a guided walk through the historic old town with many interesting buildings. Discover the background to a famous local saying at the "Schützenscheiben" museum. Or marvel at true handicrafts at the ceramic workshop of Scheibbs. We are there to help you planning your stay!

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    16 / 27 °C
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    16 / 25 °C
  • Thursday
    17 / 23 °C
  • Friday
    15 / 26 °C
  • Saturday
    16 / 30 °C
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