St. Lorenz am Mondsee

The lovely Village of St. Lorenz is embedded between the shores of Mondsee Lake and the rugged Drachenwand ("Dragon Wall").

486 m avove sea level
2226 inhabitants

St. Lorenz nestles on foot of the lofty Dragon Wall. The wide open surrounding area is quite popular with bikers and an ideal setting for family trips. Local must-sees include the fine Parish Church of St. Lorenz.

The Legend of the Dragon

A long time ago a dragon was living at Dragon Wall. It fell in love with the priest´s cook, but she did not yield to the yearning pleas of the dragon. The dragon decided to leave his home at Dragon Wall and abduct the cook. He flew to the marketplace of Mondsee, grabbed her and headed back. Alas, the priest´s cook turned out to be much heavier than the dragon anticipated. As a result, the two of them crashed into the Dragon Wall at full speed and hit a hole in there, which still can be seen today. That´s how the Dragon Wall received its name.

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Recommended Accommodations

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    16 / 22 °C
  • Tomorrow
    17 / 22 °C
  • Friday
    14 / 26 °C
  • Saturday
    17 / 28 °C
  • Sunday
    17 / 25 °C
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Arrival & Address

A1 Autobahn - Exit: Mondsee
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Straßwalchen Railroad Station -> 15 km out from St. Lorenz
Salzburg Airport
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+43 512 5351 553

Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
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5310 Mondsee, Austria
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