St. Oswald

St. Oswald is situated in the southern Waldviertel on a hill side overlooking the Große and Kleine Yspertal (valley)

In the north, St. Oswald is towered by the Burgsteinberg (1013m) and in the south it offers a great view down to the Alps. Due to 100 km of signed hiking paths, you could call St. Oswald a hiking village. Most interesting of all are the mystic places, such as the "heart stone", the "skull stone", the "Stone corn man", and so on.
The heart stone, a 5 m high granite rock, very much resembles the human heart. This stone was touched in former times to get rid of illnesses and was a symbol of fertility.

1000 years St. Oswald 998-1998

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Gemeindeamt St. Oswald
St. Oswald 41
3684 St. Oswald, Austria