Welcome to Weissenbach ...

... a place full of scenic beauty and friendly people, a place away from the madding crowds. Weissenbach is an ideal base from which to explore nearby Tannheimertal valley, Lechtal valley and the Reutte basin.

Weissenbach is delightfully located amid majestic mountains and the unique riverscape of the Lech, and offers something for everyone. Whether you are in search of peace and quiet or action and activities .... there is nothing you cannot do here!

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Recommended Accommodations

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    12 / 22 °C
  • Tomorrow
    13 / 18 °C
  • Wednesday
    12 / 16 °C
  • Thursday
    13 / 19 °C
  • Friday
    11 / 24 °C
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Arrival & Address

highway via Ulm - Kempten - Füssen - Austrian-German border: Reutte/Tirol - Weissenbach
highway via Munich - Garmisch - Austrian-German border:Reutte/Tirol - Weissenbach
highway via Innsbruck - Telfs/Fernpass - Reutte - Weissenbach
Plan Route Now
If you are in Innsbruck take the bus to Reutte/Tirol, then another bus to Weissenbach
Via Kempten (Germany) to Reutte/Tirol: take the train and from Reutte the bus to Weissenbach
Via München-Garmisch (Germany) to Reutte/Tirol: take the train and from Reutte the bus to Weissenbach
Airport Innsbruck, Munich
flight reservation
Any questions? Please call us!
+43 512 5351 553

Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
Tourismusverband Naturparkregion Reutte
Kirchplatz 3
6671 Weißenbach, Austria
Weißenbach Tirol