Wilhelmsburgh lies 11 km south of St. Pölten in the central part of Lower Austria. If you go south of St. Pölten, up the Traisen river, you will reach Wilhelmsburg exactly where the mountains start. Old stories are being told of the valleys, mountain tops and passes: exciting, but sometimes frightening, too - just as you would expect it from legends. Wilhelmsburg looks back on a changeful history with many ups and downs, starting from the castle of Wilhelmsberg before the turning of the 1st millennium, and the farmer´s wars up to our days. The country is full of hills, mountains - truly charming.

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    16 / 23 °C
  • Tomorrow
    14 / 25 °C
  • Friday
    14 / 26 °C
  • Saturday
    15 / 28 °C
  • Sunday
    17 / 26 °C
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Arrival & Address

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+43 512 5351 553

Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
Stadtgemeinde Wilhelmsburg
Hauptplatz 13
3150 Wilhelmsburg, PO Box 55, Austria
Wilhelmsburg Lower Austria