Maria Laach am Jauerling

Maria Laach am Jauerling
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Award-winning, flower-filled resort village at the Jauerling mountain.
Worth seeing are the Gothic pilgrimage church with late Gothic altar, the picture "Virgin Mary with six fingers" (1440), and a splendid Renaissance tomb (1607).

We want to present our beautiful village to you and provide our inhabitants with the latest information.

The village comprises 20 parts, with Maria Laach forming the main village part. It has 965 inhabitants and is awarded world cultural heritage of the Wachau, as well as having received a Europe diploma.

The 36 km² of municipal area reaches from the villages Emmersdorf and Aggsbach Markt, partly from the middle of the Danube, towards the highest elevation of the Wachau - the Jauerling, with an altitude of 959 metres.

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Gemeindeamt Maria Laach am Jauerling
Maria Laach 22
3643 Maria Laach am Jauerling, Austria