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Welcome to the smallest town of Austria

Hardegg, the smallest town of Austria is situated in the Thaya valley, in the midst of the large forests, and on a high rock you can find the mighty knight castle with four towers.

The beautiful landscape, fresh air and peaceful location offer visitors the possibility to relax.

This town was constructed as a typical castle settlement in the 11th and 12th century, this is also where the city´s name stems from (old German word "hard" = wood, "-egg" = rock). It was first mentioned as town in 1290.

This town was put together with the villages Riegersburg, Felling, Mallersbach, ...

... Heufurth, Pleissing, Waschbach, Niederfladnitz and Merkersdorf to form the community "Stadt Hardegg" and comprises 93,26 km² at the moment. Due to the opening of the border in 1990, a connection via the Thaya bridge to the neighbouring Czech Republique could be established.

Experience nature very close to - get rid of stess, these are the possibilities which the cycling and hiking paths of the municipality Hardegg and the national park Thayatal/Podyji offer you.

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    15 / 29 °C
  • Tomorrow
    17 / 29 °C
  • Monday
    18 / 28 °C
  • Tuesday
    17 / 28 °C
  • Wednesday
    17 / 27 °C
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