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in the pilgrim region Lauffen, Bad Goisern

Erlebnismuseum Anzenaum - Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

This is the oldest farmyard in the Salzkammergut complete with mill, saw mill, smokery and stable.

The museum is situated in Lauffen - in the northern part of Bad Goisern - very close to the old salt market. It is thought that the mill (house number 1) is the oldest building in Anzenau. It dates back to 1325. Originally, Anzenau was a farm with a kitchen smokery which was used until 1964. There was also a saddlery.

The mill was renovated in 2005 and converted into a museum. We look forward to welcoming you!

Open : mid May to the beginning of October

Erlebnismuseum Anzenaum - Bad  Goisern Upper Austria
Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

The Museum of Bad Goisern was opened in 1981 by the Local history Group. It is situated in the former Goisern Mill (Goiserermuehle) and was especially adapted for use as a museum with financial support from local and regional government authorities.

Visitors gain an insight into the history of the Goisern valley and its historic traditions such as hunting and game-keeping, handicrafts, folklore etc. In 1992 the "Landlermuseum" (Museum of Country Life) was established on the ground floor of the building.

There are more than 350 original exhibits depicting 267 years in the history and ways of life of local people.

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

Bad Goisern - a perfect combination of old and new

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

such as the Hand.Werk.Haus and Neuwildenstein stately home, the Kirchengasse alleyway and the Untere Markstraße (market street). These create a traditional atmosphere in this "haven for handcraftsmen. Discover more about the history of Goisern and its secrets!

An accompanied visit to local crafts showrooms was a welcome feature of the Exhibition of Provincial Life 2008 in Goisern.

This escorted visit to the showrooms of many local craftsmenhas given an insight into the wealth of artistic and creative talent in Goisern which gives this little market town its truly unique identity.

Everyone has heard of the Goisern cobbler. Come and discover other secrets such as the 3 violin manufacturers, the book binder and the optician who makes spectacle frames from deer horn. We have a former soap works which was in operation up until 2003. Bad Goisern boasts 4 butchers as well as many other successful small businesses, including 2 bakeries.

Carpenters' planes of all different sizes, rolls of paper, a cauldron which contained 4000 litres and belonged to an alchemist in the middle ages, the intense smell of leather, or just the aroma of freshly baked bread all appeal to the senses. These reminders of the last 3000 years in local history are usually confined to museums.

Nowadays in Goisern, however, everyday products are still being manufactured and made using traditional methods.

Craftsmanship lives on in Goisern, and has seen a revival in many different areas. Visitors to our region are most welcome to come and witness this for themselves.

Thanks to the great interest already shown and the enthusiastic responses of guests here in Goisern, the craftsmen as well as the people living here all sense a renewed feeling of worthiness and of special identity.

Tours of the showrooms are also available in English or French! Please enquire for further details!

To book a tour and for further information please contact:
Mag. Kern Barbara
Registered guide for foreign visitors
Tel: +43 (0) 650 5053579


The Salzkammergut is one the best places in Austria for mountain biking

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

Mountain biking is a fast-growing sport and leisure activity, and so a complete package deal can be organised for cyclists visiting this area.

Everthing can be arranged ...... accommodation with facilities for mountain bikers to suit all price ranges, experienced guides who offer personalised and fixed guided tours, technical training, servicing and taxi transport .......

GPS data on all of the mountain bike trails in the region can be downloaded for free by visiting There are a number of bike shops etc which hire out GPS systems. Bike specialists offering this service have the "GPS" symbol next to their entry in our area guide to bike specialists.

Contact the manager of the MTB-KompetenzZentrums & Info-Hotline
Helmut Simonlehner
Tel: +43 (650) 4054768

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

The famous trans-alpine cyclist Pate devised a tour covering the whole of the Salzkammergut. The tour is 294 km long, covers 7004 metres in altitiude and can be completed in stages.

2 variations were devised: the Trans-Salzkammergut Grand Tour and the Trans Salzkammergut Circular Tour both cover the most beautiful parts of the region. The Trans-Salzkammergut Grand Tour covers the entire region, from Bad Mitterndorf to Gmunden, and is divided into 4 precise sections.

The route covers 294 km and 7004 m in altitude. You pass 9 lakes and spend 2 nights in mountain huts. The route covers some of the best-known places in the Dachstein region such as Grundlsee, the Viehbergalm, Hallstatt, Blaa Alm, the Ewiger Wand, Bad Ischl and Traunsee. Transport is arranged back to the starting point.

The mini version is divided into 3 stages from Bad Mitterndorf via the Viehbergalm and Gosau to Styria. But do not let the name of this tour deceive you! You need to be fit and healthy to cover all 209 km and 4570 metres in altitude!

Maps are available from all tourist offices and cost 4.20 Euros (5.50 Euros including postage).

For further information please contact:
Kirchengasse 4, 4822 Bad Goisern
Tel: +43 (6135) 8329


The Dachstein (2995 m above sea level) is the second highest peak in the northern alps.

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

The Dachstein, although not technically one of the "3000 metre peaks", has long been symbolic of our region. In 1997 the Dachstein, along with Hallstatt and the Inner Salzkammergut, became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Region.

The route begins at the Gosau Lake and continues along the base of the Gosaukamm mountain range and the southern face of the Dachstein, to Ramsau. We continue in an easterly direction to the "Guttenberghaus" (traversing part of the glacier), and then on to the "Stoderzinken". We continue through the "Notgasse" and the "Viehbergalm" - a bleak mountain plateau, re-tracing the footsteps of the pilgrims into the Salzkammergut.

We continue through the Salzkammergut ..... easy walking paths along the banks of the River Traun, through Bad Aussee, Obertraun, Hallstatt and Bad Goisern. The final stretch of the tour takes us to the summit of the Kalmberg and the Goisern mountain hut before our ascent into the Gosau valley.

1. Gosau Lake - Hofpurgl Hut: take the "Austriaweg" at the base of the Gosaukamm mountain range to the Hofpuergl Hut below the "Bischofsmuetze".

2. Hofpurgl Hut - Hut on the southern face of the Dachstein "Südwandhütte": follow the Linzer and Pernerweg trails.

3. Dachstein-Südwandhütte - Hunerkogel - Guttenberghaus: a glacier trek, covering rocky terrain.

4. Guttenberghaus - Stoderzinken: cross the stony pastures to the peak of the Stoderzinken. Stunning panoramic views.

5. Stoderzinken - Bad Mitterndorf: via the "Notgasse", "Viehbergalm"(mountain pasture) and lonely peaks to Steinitzenalm or Bad Mittendorf.

6. Salzkammergut - Hallstatt: follow the path along the stream: moorland, karst springs, pretty woodland lakes. Follow the "Salzkammerweg" to Hallstatt.

7. Hallstatt - Bad Goisern: follow the "Soleweg" route high above Lake Hallstatt to Bad Goisern. Stunning alpine scenery and views of the glacier.

8. Bad Goisern - Gosau: steep path via the Goisern mountain hut ("Goisererhütte) to Gosau.

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

A folder of information on this circular route around the Dachstein (Dachstein Rundwanderweg ) is available, free of charge, from all tourist offices in the Inner Salzkammergut region.

A detailed "Dachstein-Rundwanderweg-Führer" guide is also available and costs 7.50 Euros or 8.50 Euros including postage.

Tourismusverband Inneres Salzkammergut
Kirchengasse 4, 4822 Bad Goisern
Tel:+43 (6135) 8329


"Ramblers' Association"

There is no other region so ideal for walking holidays. The regional "ramblers' association" are your perfect partners!

Hikingfriends Dachstein-Salzkammergut - Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

Visitors to the region will be impressed by the wealth of information in the new hiking catalogue.

The "Wanderfreunde Dachstein-Salzkammergut" organisation consists of selected, highly-specialised local businesses catering for individual needs. They know all the hiking trails like the back of their hand and can tell you where to walk and enjoy breath taking views. They provide practical information and advise you on weather conditions etc.

Hikingfriends Dachstein-Salzkammergut - Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

The "Ramblers' Association" are well aware of the needs of visitors to the region and look forward to welcoming you soon. As well as providing hiking tips and suggestions, they are happy to organise room-only accommodation, half-board in a hotel or guest house or a holiday apartment, on your behalf.

It is best to contact the "hiking friend" of your choice directly. Let him or her know what you wish to do/where you wish to stay etc, and let them take care of the rest!

We would be pleased to send you further information/details!

Contact details:

Wanderfreunde Dachstein-Salzkammergut
Kirchengasse 4, 4822 Bad Goisern
Tel: +43 (6135) 8329 Fax DW 74


Dachstein Mammoth Caves

Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

How small and insignificant we feel in these giant caves! Yet we can only visit a tiny part of this huge labyrinth .....

50 km of caves and passage ways have been excavated up until now. Most of the caves will remain a mystery to mankind forever!

A multi-media presentation on this fascinating world of darkness takes place in the "Midnight Dome" (Mitternachtsdom) "Join" explorers in their adventures through sub-terranean grottoes, shafts and narrow ravines. "Meet" cave creatures and small animals whose homes, incredibly, are in these caves!

"Cave treking" or "caving" is also possible in the Mammoth Caves. Our experienced guides accompany you as you follow in the footsteps of early explorers. Specialist clothing and safety equipment enable you to reach parts of the caves otherwise inaccessible.

Dachstein Giant Ice Caves

These giant ice palaces are one of the natural wonders of the alpine world.

Powerful cave glaciers, ice bergs and "ice chapels", on a hot summer's day, are a complete contrast to the outside world. On cold rainy days, the caves have provided a safe, welcoming refuge for humans as well as wildlife, for many thousands of years.

Take a trip through the history of planet earth!
There are guided tours available continuously, in many different languages. There are special adventure tours available. Please telephone 06131/531-3 for enquiries.

The Caves Museum is open daily. Entry free of charge.

The "Koppenbrueller Caves" .......

........ are geologically the youngest of the Dachstein Caves.

Visit their web-site:

Or contact them at the following address:
Dachstein & Eishöhlen GmbH & CoKG
4831 Obertraun, Winkl 34
Tel: ++43 (0)6131 531


Visit Hallstatt's famous salt mines!

The Hallstatt/Dachstein region is a UNESCO Natural and World Cultural Heritage Site

Saltmine - Bad  Goisern Upper Austria

The body of this ancient miner, perfectly preserved in salt, has been one of the main visitor attractions since the re-development of the salt mines exhibition in April 2002.
Go back in time and slide down one of the longest miners' slides in the world ...... deep underground a giant, 1400 square kilometre mystically illuminated salt lake and bright, shimmering salt crystals are just some of the amazing attractions which await you. An ideal excursion for all the family.

For further details please visit