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Welcome to Breitenwang!

Located at the edge of the Alps, the town of Breitenwang lies in the holiday region of Reutte, the entrance to Tirol. Although it only has a population of 1750, the actual area covered bei Breitenwang is rather large.

Consisting of four parts (Breitenwang, Lähn, Mühl and Neumühl), it offers a lot of space for relaxation and vacations. Although today the town of Reutte is the municipal capital, Breitenwang has a much older history. In the 12th century German Emperor Lothar II died in a farmhouse in Breitenwang, where an epigraph still reminds of that tragic event.

Breitenwang is peacefully embedded in the valley of Reutte. It is the perfect starting point for ...

... hiking tours and a popular family resort.

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Climate & Weather

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Arrival & Address

via Stuttgart - Ulm - Kempten - Pfronten - Vils - Reutte
via Munich - Garmisch - ehrwald - Lermoss - Reutte
via Innsbruck/or Arlberg - Fernpass - Breitenwang
Plan Route Now
Stuttgart - Ulm - Kempten - Pfronten - Vils - Reutte
Munich - Garmisch - Ehrwald - Lermoos - Reutte
Innsbruck airport (100km)
Munich airport (200km)
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+43 512 5351 553

Daily from 8 am - 9 pm
Tourismusverband Naturparkregion Reutte
Untermarkt 34
6600 Reutte, Austria
Breitenwang Tirol