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Touristik Mühlviertler Kernland
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neudesign og - büro für visuelle kommunikation
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Medieval Freistadt

The romantic town is situated in a wide hollow embedded in the Mühlviertel hill country

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Freistadt and its surrounding towns make up the Mühlviertel Kernland.

Freistadt with its cultural heritage is a model of the perservation of medieval architecture.

The medieval brewery town features the SALZHOF event center, the fair hall, the Castle Museum as well as idyllic alleys, fountains, arcades, squares and courtyards that radiate a charm of times long past.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria
Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Guided tours in cultural Freistadt

Experience medieval Freistadt in a course of the town tour

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Freistadt old town guides lead you to the town's most splendid spots and allow you impressive insights into the town of tours.

Rates guided tour:
Group of up to 20: EUR45, for each add. person EUR2
Children and school groups: EUR1 pp, additional person free
Romantic guided tour with night watchman (night, twilight),
Rates as guided town tour, EUR20 for night watchman

Duration for guided tours: approx. 1.5hrs

Free guided tours each Fri from May to Oct at 7pm
Meeting point in the outer castle ground at the chestnut trees
Approx. 90min

Free guided tour Castle Museum
Each Wed 7pm (May – end October)

Sights: Marienbrunnen/Piaristenhaus, Schloss Freistadt with Bergfried, Schlossgässchen, Böhmertor, Liebfrauenkirche, Scheiblingturm, Stadtschmiede, Salzhof, Böckhof, Arkadenhof with Passage, Weyermühlturm, Alter Rathausturm, Pfefferbüchsl (Dechanthofturm), Linzertor, Bürgerkorpsturm, Stadtpfarrkirche "Katharinenmünster"

Booking at the Mühlviertel Kernland tourist board.

4240 Freistadt, Hauptplatz 14
Phone +43 (0)7942/75700,
Fax : +43 (0)7942/75700-20

Visit of Freistadt

Cozy inns, coffee houses and confectioners in Freistadt

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The medieval center is fully preserved.

Guided tour of cultural Freistadt

Romantic Freistadt is embedded in the softly rolling hills of the Mühlviertel Hügelland.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Culture Trail invites you to examine the old town.

Walk from the main square back to the main square in approx. one hour.


Softwarepark Hagenberg

Seminars, events, culture

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Softwarepark Hagenberg offers the ideal facilities for companies and institutions who seek a venue for their corporate events. The varied facilities in the historic castle and the modern office building make for the ideal setting to meet individual needs.

Softwarepark organizes seminars and workshops for up to 80 participants, congresses and conferences of up to 300, balls and corporate events of up to 600 and outdoor events of up to 2,000. The services include facility rental, equipment, catering, shuttle service and accommodation reservation.

Softwarepark Hagenberg Softwarepark Hagenberg Image Website - Muehlviertler  Kernland Upper Austria

Softwarepark Hagenberg is one of Austria’s most dynamic and successful technology companies combining economy, research and software. Softwarepark Hagenberg currently hosts 40 innovative busineses, 7 research institutes and formation programs with 970 employees and 1,300 students.

Excellent research, top ecuation as well as many software developers create an international, creative atmosphere in the quiet and introspective Mühlviertel region.

-the ideal venue for your event
-indoor and outdoor events
-historic and modern facilities
-state of the art equipment
-a creative and quiet ambiance at Schlosspark
- Restaurants und Catering
-guided tours Softwarepark Hagenberg
-event management
-20 min. from Linz
-unique atmosphere

Further information at:


Softwarepark guided tours

Presentation and guided tour of Softwarepark Hagenberg. Sign up at Infopoint Softwarepark Hagenberg.

Dates for guided tours:

Wednesday, 10 September, 2008, 10am

Individual dates for groups on request.

Softwarepark Hagenberg, Hauptstraße 90, A-4232 Hagenberg
Tel.: +43/7236/3343-0, Fax: +43/7236/3343-590


Golf course

The natural conditions require a creative game.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The local golf course was created by the famous Irish architect, golf instructor and author, Mel Flanagan. Charmingly integrated in the surroundings, it reminds one of courses on the British Isles.

Meadows, woods and hills frame the estate.

This course developed in 1992 is the ideal meeting point for your family and friends.

St. Oswald Nature

Enjoy the unique surroundings and have yourself pampered in the club house.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Low Energy House is embedded in the surrounding nature and is a sample for the successful meeting of architecture and energy saving.

The Club Restaurant is open daily 9am - midnight and is already awaiting your visit.

Fine ambiance - great setting for experiencing the balance of body, mind and soul.

Perfect game

Sports in nature, movement in stillness, concentration in relaxation - thst's what golf is all about.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

18-hole course harmoniously embedded in the nature surroundings.

Seven of the nine hole course are set on a sunny hill. The slight ascents require a creative approach and make for interesting games.


Outdoor baths

Get wet!

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Moby Dick in Freistadt – heated water, phone: 07942/72413
Opening times:
Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm
Sat, Sun, holidays: 9am – 8pm
From Aug 16 9am – 7pm

Freibad Neumarkt – heated water, phone: 07941/8256
Opening times:
Monday to Friday 1pm – 7pm
Sat, Sun, holidays: 10am – 7pm
From Aug 16 10am – 7pm

Freibad Kefermarkt – heated water, phone: 07947/6284
Opening times: May - December
Monday – Sun: 9am – 8pm

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Mühlviertel Kernland Ponds

Dive into the surrounding ponds.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Freiwald Pond Grünbach phone: 0664/5995278
The pond is set in the center of Grünbach.
Admission: donations

Rainbach leisure center, phone: 07949/6622
The center is set between Rainbach and Lichtenau.
Admission: donations

Leopoldschlag leisure center, phone: 07949/8255
The center is set between Leopoldschlag and Windhaag right in the town center..
Admission: donations

Rosenhofer Pond in Sandl, phone: 07944/8255
The moor pond is set between Sandl and Karlstift.
Admission: donations

Windhaag pons, phone 07943/6111
The leisure center is set in the Windhaad leisure center near the curling and tennis center.


A Historic and Nostalgic Journey in Time
Forget the hustle and bustle of daily life and listen to the rhythmic sounds of the hooves

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

A ride on the historic horse-drawn railway in the village of Kerschbaum close to Freistadt in the Mühlviertel region is a must, for both locals and guests. A trip on the faithful copy of the Hannibal luxury coach with which the Emperor used to travel around or on the Franz Josef jovial-gathering coach is a true highlight for the whole family.

You get onto the train at the historic Salettl building and then you go the gorgeously renovated, nostalgic Scheitelbahnhof station on the 500-m stretch which was reconstructed. The former vault stables of the Scheitelbahnhof station feature an informative and interesting horse-drawn railway museum. In the extraordinary coachmen's parlor or in the romantic Biedermeier parlor, attractive women dressed in beautiful Biedermeier costumes serve culinary delights, such as Rossknödel ("horse dumplings"). Of course, our coachmen and train guards also wear the historic costumes of the former employees of the horse-drawn railway - thus the journey in time becomes perfect.

A Social and Nostalgic Experience

There are plenty of occasions for a party....
The Kerschbaum station of the horse-drawn railway provides the perfect environment for festivities.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

You have the opportunity to celebrate family festivities etc. in an absolutely unique ambience.
Congresses close to the horse-drawn railway...
The former horse stable features an event and seminar room for company meetings and congresses as well as for festivities of clubs or families.

Conference equipment

The room seats 70 persons, semi-circle seating arrangement
Technical equipment: beamer, screen, flip charts, feng shui lighting
Catering: horseshoe bar, catering service provided

Horse-Drawn Railway

Opening hours and information:

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

May - October: Sat, Sun & public holidays from 1pm to 5pm
In August also on weekdays from 2pm to 4pm
Groups of 15 persons or more have to register in advance
On Advent Sundays from 1pm to 5pm

I N F O R M A T I O N:
Horse-drawn railway - museum & inn
Kerschbaum 61, A 4261 Rainbach i.M.
OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Fri from 9am until 11am
Phone: +43 (0)7949/6800; Fax: +43 (0)7949/6800-4


Outstanding walking in the Kernland region!

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Explore the gently rolling hills in the Mühlviertler Kernland region on foot!

Orientation is easy thanks to way-marked routes and trails. Watch out for the yellow signposts for detailed information on the distance to nearby places of interest, be it vantage points, restaurants and inns, or museums.

The new Mühlviertler Kernland map (1:35,000) boasts 42 tour descriptions and information on must-sees and hidden gems of nature, as well as recommendations for cross-border walks to neighboring Bohemia.

In addition, there are several nature and theme trails for people of all ages and ambitions to be explored. Relax, unwind and feel at ease in a landscape of outstanding natural charm!

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Walking as far as your feet take you! Stunning views and crisp air! Open your eyes, and your heart, too!

Marvel at the traditional Mühlviertel "Steinbloss" farmhouses as you pass by. In addition, there are numerous cultural treasures and monuments to discover, including museums and churches. Do not miss out on a break at a cozy country inn, and take in the stunning views of the mountains.

Map of walking routes

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Order the "Genusswandern im Mühlviertler Kernland" map for EUR 5.


Walking, hiking, wellness

at the local Walking and Hiking Hosts

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Walking, hiking, wellness amidst green meadows and mystic woods. The granite breaking through the earth all over. A truly unique nature experience.

The Walking and Hiking hosts range from ***guesthouses to holiday farms. They offer you traditional surroundings, heartfelt hospitality, good rates and the ideal setting for an unforgettable walking holiday.

Mühlviertel Walking Hosts at Mühlviertel Kernland Visitors Bureau

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Landgasthof Ehrentraut, Hirschbach 1, 4242 Hirschbach
Tel.: +43(0)7948/231

Forellenwirt Kastler, Mitterbach 6, 4264 Grünbach
Tel.: +43(0)7942/72804

Verwöhnbauernhof Haiböck, Tischberg 10, 4242 Hirschbach
Tel.: +43(0)7948/291

Wandergasthof Zur Haltestelle, Siegelsdorf 21, 4291 Lasberg
Tel.: +43(0)7947/7310

Wandergasthof Pammer, Mardetschlag 31, 4262 Leopoldschlag
Tel.: +43(0)7949/8205

Wanderbauernhof "Lias am Berg", Dorf Leopoldschlag 28, 4262 Leopoldschlag
Tel.: +4(0)7949/8085

Wandergasthof Pils, Marktplatz 10, 4293 Gutau
Tel.: +43(0)7946/6682

Wanderpension Hubertus, Höllplatz 3, 4240 Freistadt
Tel.: +43(0)7942/72354

Gasthof Waldschenke, Familie Thumfart, Amesberg 11, 4190 Bad Leonfelden
Tel.: +43(0)7213/6279

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Leopoldschlag adn Windhaag

Leopoldschlag Info Center

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Maltsch nature reserve covers the municipalities of Leopoldschlag, Windhaag und Sandl.

Certified guides show you the interesting and enchanting surroundings along the River Maltsch.

Dark moors, picturesque wetlands, mystic granite blocks adn wooded riverscapes make the ideal surroundings for walks for all ages groups.

Program at the Maltsch Nature Reserve

Info Center Leopoldschlag event program

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Photo exhibition and Power Point presentation

Guided tour wild animals

Guilded tour mystic moors

Guided tour spring along the Maltsch river

Ornitological tour

Talk on the NATURA 2000 nature reserve

Power Point: Maltsch and Freiwald nature reserve
History along the Maltsch river
Tours on ants, grantie and mushrooms

Excusions to the NATURA 2000 nature reserve
-environmentalism and agriculture
-environmentalism and locals

Reservation and information

Departure point is th eNaturea 2000 Europe Info Center.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

4262 Leopoldschlag Marktplatz 2,
Tel.: 07949/20576, 0664/5143548

Guided walks and hikes on request or on offer.
Special offers for schools.
Seniors and families get tailor made tours on request.
Special tours for bus groups in Leopoldschlag. Individually designed depending on your bus tour program.

The varied landscape for the NATURA 2000 nature reserve will enchant you.

Our events include seminars, conferences, excursions, exhibitions, info events for the surrounding farmers and more.

Guided tours may include information on herbs, wetlands, lakes, moors, animals etc.
Schools get talks on bird, granite, the nature reserve and more.

We are looking forward to submitting you a guided tour especially tailored according to you needs.


Salzhof Culture and Event Center

Enjoy a varied cultural offer

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Salzhof Kultur- und Veranstaltungszentrum
Salzgasse 15, A-4240 Freistadt

RESERVATIONS: +43(7942)72506-80
INFOS/ORGANISATION: +43(664)4166236
FAX: +43(7942)72506-81

The large hall seats 220, the small one 70. Parliamentary seating for 400.

State of the art technique.

Local caterers.

Salzhof Freistadt

The estate was first officially mentioned in 1390/95.

Nowadays it hosts events, conferences, congresses and meetings.

Events range from cabaret, theatre, concerts of all sorts.

Freistadt Fairground

New ways of communication

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Ideal for fairs, exhibitions, sports events and cultural events.

Quality and innovation in wood.

Wooden cupola building featuring 3.166m², holding 6,000, seating 2,500.

Exhibition area of 2,700m².

The hosts of music events, clubbing shows, cultural events, exhibitions, meetings and fairs appreciate the fine atmosphere combined with state of the art technique and equipment.

Contact and information:
Messe Mühlviertel
Industriestrasse 6, A - 4240 Freistadt
Phone: +43(7942)75055-100; Fax: DD 502
Home page:

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria
Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria
Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria
Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Mühlviertel Kernland riding region

Horseback riding in the horse drawn railway region:

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Our region loves its 950 horses. The horse drawn railway is a symbol of the horse's value for our region.

Although the Kernland region is sparsely populated, a whole number of horse farms are based here.

Netword of riding trails

Market network of riding tracks

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

An area of 640sqkm, 350 signs, 8 horse farms, 19 horse inns and 28 horse rest stations.

All you need for the ideal horse experience


Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Horse trekking, Western style, coach rides, sleigh rides, jumping, instruction, longe and more.

Horse farms, horse hostels, horse inns and more.


Guided walks

with certified walking guides

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Certified walking guides show you the beauty of nature and explain the local customs and traditions to you. They tell you all about the surroundings and its inhabitants and thus make this natural and cultural gem accessible to you.

Walking guide

Information and contact

Maurerwirt Dietmar Greul - Wandergasthof in Rainbach
Ph +43 (0) 7949/62 60 or +43 (0) 664/113 60 87 (Gemeinden Rainbach, Grünbach)

Josef Wittinghofer, Gasthaus zur Haltestelle in Lasberg
Ph +43 (0) 7947/73 10 or +43 (0) 664/23 08 273
Gemeinden Lasberg, Kefermarkt, St. Oswald b. Fr.
Upon wish hiking tours, also all day long, in all 14 member villages of the Mühlviertler Kernland. Also available for firms, clubs and school classes.

Rosa Rath
Ph +43 (0) 699/15 99 21 78 (Wanderbegleitung in allen Mühlviertler Kernlandgemeinden)

Siegfried Kreindl
Ph +43 (0) 699/122 50 229; hiking tracks in the village surroundings of Hagenberg - Pregarten-Wartberg-Unterweitersdorf, Aisttal, Gusental, Dingdorf region

Franz Hinterdorfer
Ph +43 (0)664/ 555 1991 and +43 (0) 7236/6753; hiking trails in the surroundings of Hagenberg - region Pregarten-Wartberg-Unterweitersdorf Aisttal, Gusental, Dingdorf

Schmied Hannes
Ph +43 (0) 664/39 11 647 (hiking tours in the villages of St. Oswald b. Fr. and Sandl). Email:

Renate Breinesberger, herbal therapist
Ph 07948/257, 0664/64 15 323, Email:
Wild herb hikes, specialities made of herbs and wild fruits.

Mühlviertel Kernland walking guides

Tours bookable at all times.

· Gerlinde Schimpl, phone: +43 (0) 7948/390, hiking trails in Hirschbach

· Willi Lang, phone: +43 (0) 7944/20599 or +43 (0)664/5428009, hiking trails and mountain biking in Sandl

· Doris Kastler and Heinz Pernausl, phone: +43 (0) 7942/72804, hiking trails in Grünbach

· Emma Resch, nature guide in Gutau, phone: +43 (0)7947/6442, ornithology trail Gutau



920m above sea level, Mountaineering Association Braunberg's only hut

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Ideal for all those looking for peace and quiet. Great views from the Mühlviertel hills to the Alps.

Popular among paragliders, hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Host Rudi Bründl and his team welcome you with both traditional and wholegrain meals made with local organic ingredients. The cozy hut is the ideal setting for groups and birthday parties.

The highlights range from solstice fires, open air movies and mountain masses.

Opening times and further info:

Apr 1 - Oct 31
Tue - Fri: 10am - 10pn, Sat and Sun: 9am - 10pm
Closed on Mondays.

Overnight stays for up to 30 (regular rooms sleeping 8, the group sleeing rooms sleeping 21)

Host: Rudolf Bründl
Witzelsberg 20, 4271 St. Oswald b. Fr.
Phone/Fax: +43 (0)7945/7666
E-Mail: braunberghü


Witnesses of times long past

Discover the past in the course of exiting walks and rides.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Whether special stones, ancient trees of manmade sites, history is omnipresent in the region. One of the most interesting finds are sculpted stones dating back to Celtic times.

The Mühlviertel region was a dense woodland, that could only be entered on difficult horse trails before the turn of the last millennium.


The free "Mühlviertel Gothic Road" adventure is availabe at the Mühlviertel Kernland visitors' office.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Discover the Mühlviertel Gothic Road on about 180km with all in all 30 stations where cultural treasure await you.

Enter a world of history and mystery, arts and culture, to be explored by car, bike or on foot.

Witnesses of times long past

Discover the past in the course of exiting walks and rides.

Whether special stones, ancient trees of manmade sites, history is omnipresent in the region. One of the most interesting finds are sculpted stones dating back to Celtic times.

The Mühlviertel region was a dense woodland, that could only be entered on difficult horse trails before the turn of the last millennium.


Time travel

Whereto? Back to the lives and the labor world of our ancestors

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Mühlviertel Museum Road features 28 museums and 3 winged altars. It gives insight into the world of the small-scale handicraft enterprises, cottagers, millers, blacksmiths, potters and linen dyers.

Mühlviertel Museum Road

Learn about ancient produce, tools, crafting techniques and everyday life.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Look back. At the way it used to be.

The winged altars in Kefermarkt, Waldburg adn Rauchenödt are an absolute must see.

Where Nature meets Culture

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

The Laundry Museum, Farm Furniture Museum, Dyers’ Museum, Forest Museum, Castle Museums, Horse Drawn Carriage Museum, Schnapps Museum – all of them offer you lovingly presented information on various issues.


Mühlviertel Kernland markets

Market days at the main square
Freistadt fresh grocery market, main square

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

On Fridays from 2pm – 6pm, from the end March to the beginning of October.

Weekly theme. Offering flowers, fish, cheeses, herbs, tasting, music.

Each first Friday of the month it’s all about fish.

Farmers' Market Freistadt, Main Square

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Each Sat 8am – noon.

Cozy, traditional farmers market, each Sat, Freistadt Main Square offering regional produce including homemade break, schnapps, honey, bacon and more.

Muehlviertler Kernland Upper Austria

Every Tuesday from 8am - 12noon
Vegetables, meat, lock and key service, shoe service