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Rellstal Valley
one of the most beautiful nature reserves

Take the hiker's bus to Rells Valley (1500m)

The hiker´s bus drives daily (from June 28 to October 12, 2008) from Vandans to one of the most beautiful nature reserves of Vorarlberg - to the Rells Valley. This alpine valley - at an altitude of 1500m - is surrounded by alpine pastures, where around 500 cattle are put out to pasture every summer. At Lün Alpe you can still see how alpine dairymaids or dairymen produce butter and cheese.

The Rellstal valley is the starting point for many hiking and mountain tours. Here you can either take the way over the Platzis path to the Golm, or the Zaluanda way to Schweizertor, Öfen pass and Lindau mountain lodge or you can take the Lake Lüne way over the Lünerkrinne to Lake Lüne or you can choose the Vilifau way to the Heinrich Hueter mountain lodge, a very spacious alpine hut of the Alpine Club.

Timetable of the hiking bus:
daily June 14 - Oct 11, 2009

Vandans - Rellstal valley

from Golmerbahn Vandans
7.46am 9.46am 2.46pm 4.46pm

from Vandans
7.48am 9.48am 2.48pm 4.48pm

from Vandans station
7.51am 9.51am 2.51pm 4.51pm

Alpengasthof Rellstal
8.26am 10.26am 3.26pm 5.26pm

Rellstal valley - Vandans

Alpengasthof Rellstal
8.28am 10.28am 3.28pm 5.28pm

9.08am 11.08am 4.08pm 6.08pm

Vandans railway station
9.09am 11.09am 4.09pm 6.09pm

Golmerbahn Vandans
9.10am 11.10am 4.10pm 6.10pm

On request (24 h before) extra tours for 6+ persons can be organized between May 30 and June 13 and between Oct 12 and Oct 18, 2009, contact Vandans tourist office: 05556-72660

Information and special requests: Mon - Fri 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm, phone +43 (0)5556 9000600

Vandans Vorarlberg

RATES for the hiking bus 2009

adults EUR 7.50

adults EUR 15

Special rate 1):

Single ticket: EUR 5.50
Return ticket: EUR 11

Special rate 2):

Single ticket: EUR 5.50
Return ticket: EUR 11

1) special rates for youths up to 19 years, senior citizens and handicapped persons with 70 % disability
2) with valid ticket Montafon-Silvretta-Card, regio 5 or maximo.
Family reduction with Vorarlberg Family Pass

Age limits:
Kids born in 2003 or afterwards are free!
Children: born in 1993 or afterwards
Juniors: born in 1990, 1991, 1992
Senior citizens: born in 1949 and before
Male senior citizens: born in 1944 and before


The Montafon table - a piece of art

The one-man business of the cabinetmaker Walter Neher in Vandans is a nostalgic enterprise which became very popular in the last few years. This trade was passed on from generation to generation. Walter Neher is one of the few, who knows all about the production of such an elaborated Montafon table and who makes these tables by hand. A Montafon table has eight edges and in the middle of the table there is a slade where the meals were put on or the result of a card game were noted.

Montafoner Krauthobel - a real rarity

The last producer of cabbage slicers in Austria - the Dietrich company in Vandans.

In former times, the cabbage slicers were very much in demand in late autumn. People from Montafon put a cabbage slicer on their back and walked through the villages to cut cabbage for the housewives for money in order to make sauerkraut. This branch of work was very popular.
Today, this technique is again very famous. This is why the Dietrich company produces more than 4,000 slices every year.

For further information, please see

Montafoner Krauthobel AG
Innerbachstr. 17-19, 6773 Vandans
Tel. +43 (5556) 72722
Factory outlet:
Mon - Thu: 08am - 12pm and 1pm - 5.30pm
Fri: 8am - 12pm


Experience nature in the Alpine-Coaster-Golm

The Golm skiing and hiking region is proud of its new attraction

Vandans Vorarlberg

This spectacular adventure coaster is a mix between roller coaster and summer toboggan run. So "Alpine Coaster" is an expression inspired by the English term "roller coaster" and by now it is a common term for these kind of adventure facilities.

The Alpine Coaster is another way to experience nature, making the Golm skiing and hiking area even more attractive and varied. In two-seater sleds you speed down through the woods from Latschau to Vandans. Time and again the rider gets terrific views of the place of Vandans and the surrounding mountains, while he is located 6 meters above the ground. A 360° spinner, fourteen 180° turnarounds and many "jumps" (waves in the ground that give the rider the feeling of lifting off). The speed may be regulated individually.

The spectacular coaster will be open in all weathers.

Vandans Vorarlberg
Vandans Alpine-Coaster-Golm  - Vandans Vorarlberg

Fun for the whole family

Hiking with the marmot Golmi
The adults want to hike, the kids want fun and action


With Golmi's nature trail you can combine these different interest. The marmot Golmi takes you through its habitat on a 3.5km-long trail and explains young and old hikers interesting aspects of the flora and fauna in the mountains. Explore nature with all your senses actively and in a playful way. What's crawling on the floor, which mushrooms grow in the forest and which of them can be eaten, how do local birds sing and how does a marmot live? Many questions arise during a walk through the forest. And answers are given on more than twenty stations. Turn, push, pull everything is allowed to make interesting discoveries.

The route:

After a short ride with the Golmerbahn mountain railway, the adventure starts at the Grüneck top terminal. Golmi's nature trail leads from the Grüneck top terminal (1893m) down to Matschwitz the mid-station (1520m). The trail is about one metre broad and leads down in serpentines. For children from 5 years.

For children from 6 years:

Golmi's nature trail is for the whole family. The information at the different stations is designed for children from 6 years and is also interesting for youths and school groups.


Why is Vandans called VANDANS

and where does this name come from?

The very early occupants of Vandans were Romans in the 10th century. Many Roman names evidence this time still today. Afterwards settled the Celts and different tribes of German Alemannians. Only from the 13th century, German Walser tribes from the Swiss canton of Wallis settled in this area.

By the year 1754 Vandans had 700 inhabitants and 933 already in 1823. The first church was built in 1480. At that time Vandans was a part of Tschagguns and it became a separate vicarage in 1651.

The four main torrents (until 1903 still 10 torrents and ditches) Aualatsch from Golm, Allmustrik from the Rellstal valley, Mustrigiel from the Valkaastiel gorge and the Ladritsch torrent from the Vensertobel marked the village atmosphere and were a very big challenge for the peopel in former times. They called the village "ad fontanas" (at the waters). Documents from the year 1432 report about Fondans and other archives from the year 1488 talk about Vondanns.

The village area features 53km² and stretches from the Ill to the Swiss border in the West with Schweizer Tor, Lünsersee lake and Schesaplana. At the moment, Vandans has 2,950 inhabitants.

Tourism in Vandans dates back to the 1920s. Already then the Krone, Gemsle and Sonne guesthouses accommodated guests. The natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, the Lünsersee lake, the Zimba and Schesaplana were already famous at that time. Until 1959 tourism was mainly organized in summer. But the conversion works of the material cable railway Golm to passenger transport also attracted more and more winter tourists.
Today Vandans features about 110,000 overnight stays and about 29,000 tourists.