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World cup venue and one of the Alps' mostfamou ski and snowboard resorts. Sölden offers 148-kilometrs of superb slopes for all experience levels and 33 modern ski lifts with a total capacity of 70,000 skiers per hour.

Ski slopes

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The varied offer includes:
59 km blue ski runs
58 km red ski runs
28 km black ski runs
2 km ski route

Ski trails for all levels and abilities are available. Beginners and slightly advanced head for the Giggijoch ski area while more advanced and expert skiers et together at Gaislachkogl ski mountain. Additionally, Gaislachkogl (3.058m) has some wonderful off-piste routes. All ski slopes are prepared daily by 26 snow-grooming machines. Sölden is renowned for its excellently prepared ski slopes


Viewing Platforms

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Sölden is Austria's only ski are with three ski mountains higher than 300m – called the BIG3 - which are accessible with mountain gondolas

- Gaislachkogl (3058m)
- Tiefenbachkogl (3250m)
- Schwarze Schneide (3340m)

If you want to conquer a great variety of ski slopes you are recommended to follow the BIG3 rally route leading across the entire ski area and to the BIG3 peaks.


BIG 3 - Tiefenbachkogel (3309m)

Next to the gondola´s top station there is a spectacular platform jutting out 25m into the air ...

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... held by two steel ropes only. Above you there is the azure-blue sky, below you the fascinating glacier-scape. An experience not to be missed!
From a natural platform at the top you can soak up the breathtaking 360-degree view before beginning the dizzying descent.

BIG 3 - Gaislachkogl (3058m)

The Gaislachkogel panorama platform hovers below the summit cross

Sölden BIG 3 - Vista Platforms Image Website - Soelden Tirol

The platform affords awe-inspiring views of the dazzling white glacier, of precipitous rocks, steep flanks, and wide valleys. The third platform is the last station of the BIG 3 rallye starting at the base station of Giggijochbahn and ending at the base station of Gaislachkogel. BIG 3 - that are 3 mountains, a difference in altitude of 10,000m and a distance of 50km.

BIG 3 - Schwarze Schneid (3340m)

A gradual approach to the summit.

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The platform is 120m above the top station. Each step at an altitude of 3000m above sea level is strenous, but well worth the effort! Come revel in breathaking 360° panorama views!


Sölden - that's party, party, party

FUN, FUN, FUN, ...

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All guests coming to Sölden want to have:
fun, fun, fun, ...

Parties Unlimited

There is always something going on in Sölden.
Winter in Sölden is synonymous with entertainment.

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Winter means entertainment. Nothing is left to chance. Young and urban guests don´t want the boredom of folklore evenings. And they don´t need to because the many events plus the numerous alpine huts and restaurants are still the draw of the Sölden nightlife. Enjoy great bars and discos. Bars like the Giggitreff, Sonnblick-Scene, Gaislachkogl, Pizzeria Tre Milla, Almstubn, Eugen´s Obstlerhütte, Rotkolgjochhütte, Gampe Alm, Hühnersteig´n, ...

Apres Ski ...

Active apres ski scene and nightlife.

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A visit in the Bla-Bla Eisbar in the village center is a real must in the ever changing scene. In Sölden you'll find 85 discos, bars, pubs and restaurants. The most pupular meeting points are: Fire & Ice, Bla-Bla, Q-Stall and Bierhimml.

* Maxx Mountain of Sölden
* Every Friday Sölden Party on the Giggijoch
* Daily Aprés Ski party at Giggijoch and Gaislachkogl
* Every Wednesday night skiing "Star Fire"


Freizeit Arena Sölden

Wellness you can afford

freizeitarena - Soelden Tirol

Freizeit Arena is the ideal place to relax. After a long hiking tour or a perfect skiing day you can get your muscles massaged by underwater jets in our pools or just sunbathe on the terrace.

Great water fun

freizeitarena - Soelden Tirol

The white water channel is great fun and the loungers with massage jets a MUST for your body. Interesting offers for families. An extra pool for kids with slide and playing corner for the young ones are provided.
The Tirolean atmosphere of our swimming bath is unique.

Numerous attractions await you:
- white water channel
- rock grotto
- massage jets
- loungers
- wide slide
- large pool (30°C)
- kids' pool (32°C)
- sun terrace in summer
- infrared cabin
- steam bath


freizeitarena - Soelden Tirol

Single admission: EUR 5
Book of 10 admissions: EUR 36
6-month ticket: EUR 50

Single admission: EUR 9
Evening ticket: EUR 7 (from 6pm)
Book of 10 admissions: EUR 66
6-month ticket: EUR 85

Family rates**:
Parents and 1 child: EUR 18
Parents and 2 children: EUR 19.50
Parents and 3 children: EUR 22
Parents and 4 children: EUR 25

* 6-15 years, small children from 0-5 years enjoy free admission if accompanied by an adult!
** Both parents and their own children from 6-15 years.


Tirol's only thermal spa is the ideal place to relax.

aqua_dome - Soelden Tirol

Discover the power of the opposites.
It's the power of the opposites what makes Aqua Dome so special. It's a thermal spa in the middle of the mountains. Earthy depths and mighty heights. Warm and cool. Discover for yourself: welcome to Aqua Dome - Tirol Therme Längenfeld.

Thermal spa

aqua_dome - Soelden Tirol

The Aqua Dome blends perfectly into the contours of the valley. Thanks to the use of wood, stone and light, the outstanding building reflects the landscape and mountains that surround it. The spacious thermal hall is the center of the Aqua Dome. If you enter it you will immediatly feel the spiritualty of the place.

Indoor pool:
Immerse yourself in 34°C or 36°C warm, invigorating water.

Brine pool:
With 16m in diameter, this is the largest of the three pools (36°C). The bathing experience is enhanced with underwater and overwater music and light effects.

Massage pool:
There is nothing quite so relaxing as slipping into a pool and letting the warm water jets massage away any aches and strains. Special feature: a geyser at the center of the pool.

Whirl pool:
Millions of air bubbles bursting in the water bring an invigorating and soothing sensations to the skin. Relax and soak up the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Activity pool:
The activity pool contains underwater gym machines and is therefore perfect for training sessions.

Sauna world

aqua_dome - Soelden Tirol

Sauna fun and much more. You can choose from a wide range of offers in our sauna paradise.

Loft sauna:
Our Loft Sauna is like a traditional Finnish sauna and has several tiers of wooden benches with temperatures varying from 55° C to 115° C depending on where you sit.

Earth sauna:
This pinewood log cabin is half underground, half above ground. The wood creates a very special atmosphere making the high temperatures tolerable.

Hay barn sauna:
This rustic-looking sauna has a temperature of around 70°C. After the sauna bath, which should not last longer than 10 to 20 minutes, you should cool off in the fresh air before dipping into the plunge pool. A warm footbath afterwards will prevent you from getting a cold. Then it’s time for a rest.

Herbal bath:
This kind of sauna puts less tress on the blood circulation. It is only 50° warm and you will also be spoilt with music and light effects.

Diving pool:
After a hot sauna session you can cool down in this cold-water pool which is an excellent exercise for the circulation.

This and much more awaits you at Aqua Dome - Tirol Therme Längenfeld.


The History of Ötztal Valley ...

The people from the upper Ötztal valley descend from Roman tribes. The upper Ötztal valley was settled from the south. Priests were always important for the luck of the upper Ötztal valley. While at the beginning of the 19th century the curate from Gurgl, Triendl, revolutionized agriculture and got the name "manure apostle" the curate from Vent, Franz Senn, founded the Austrian-German Alpine association in 1896. His "successors" have implemented a stunning network of hiking trails and mountain shelters within the entire Ötztaler Alpen mountain range.

A Short Introduction to the Tirolean Language ...

.:. Grias di - Hello, welcome
.:. Pfiat di - Goodbye
.:. Neinerla - Morning snack (9am)
.:. Marende - Afternoon snack (5pm)