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Schloss Porcia - an attractive location!

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Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Seminars and conventions, workshops, celebrations and parties... Schloss Porcia is reputedly the most beautiful Renaissance castle north of the Alps, and ready to host all kinds of events. Information on room hire, technical equipment, catering and rates:

Spittal a.D. Carinthia

Austria's largest model railway exhibition

This is fun for the whole family!

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Image for photo gallery - Spittal a.D. Carinthia

Covering a total of 300 m², Austria's largest model railway attracts visitors of all ages.
Facts and figures: 210 locomotives, more than 500 rail cars, 600 meters of rails, 17 train units. The model is a faithful copy of different landscapes, historic towns, famous landmarks, sights and nature attractions from all over Europe.


Impressive, aerial image of Carinthia

A view of Austria's southernmost Province from an altitude of 10,000 meters!

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Image - Spittal a.D. Carinthia

"Kärnten Panorama", the latest attraction at Schloss Porcia! The aerial image spreads across 200 square meters. You can either walk on it with felt slippers, or watch it from a gallery. Zoom-in function: Get a detailed view of numerous lakes, mountains, famous buildings and sights, and other places of interest!
In addition, there are numerous offers and games, especially for families, which encourage visitors to deal with Carinthia-related topics in detail.

Opening hours and ticket rates: see "Museum für Volkskultur"


Drautal Perle

State-of-the-art aqua center with numerous attractions - and an excellent restaurant!

Spittal a.D. Carinthia

The Water World for children and adults:

- 5,600 m² of swimming and sauna facilities
- Water temperature 29 - 33 °C
- Outstanding architecture and design
- Stylish ambience
- Large pool with 6 lanes
- Separate training pool
- Baby and toddler pool
- 65 m black hole slide
- Spa and relaxation area
- Restaurant

Sauna facilities:
Herbal sauna, infrared sauna, caldarium, saltwater steam room, log sauna, Finnish sauna with a fabulous view of Spittal and the Mölltal and Drautal Valleys. Sauna bar serving beverages and snacks - exclusively open to sauna enthusiasts.

Drautal Perle Spittal a.d. Drau
Am Bahndamm 14


Dining out...

Holidays and good food go together.

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Image - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

In Spittal an der Drau you can get it all: From small pubs to prize-winning restaurants, from good traditional fare to exotic specialties - choose the food you like best! Restaurant Guides are available at the local tourist office.
Spittal's top-quality inns look forward to organizing all kinds of parties, events or celebrations: among the yearly held highlights are the Spittaler Kirchtag Town Fair and the Oktoberfest....

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Image - Spittal a.D. Carinthia

Löhne in Westphalia

... has been twinned with Spittal an der Drau since 1973.

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Partnerstädte Image Website - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Located to the north-east of North Rhine Westphalia, 25 km north-east of Bielefeld, the town of Löhne has some 41,000 inhabitants. It is a center of industry and prides itself the "World Town of Kitchens". Town status since 1969.

In 2013 we will celebrate 40 years of friendship with Löhne - with a varied program and many highlights, including the Salamanca Festival in Spittal, and an Oktoberfest party in Löhne.

Pordenone (Friuli)

Since 1987 Spittal an der Drau has been twinned with Pordenone.

Spittal a.D. Carinthia

With some 52,000 inhabitants, Pordenone is the capital city of the namesake province. It is home to a picturesque, historic town center and leading in terms of industry, especially home appliances. Venice is about 80 km south-west of Pordenone.

Porcia (Friuli)

A small town steeped in history

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Partnerstädte Image Website - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Porcia has been twinned with Spittal an der Drau since 1987, however, the towns were related even centuries ago.
For more than 250 years Porcia Palace in Spittal an der Drau was owned by the Counts of Porcia, whose descendants still live at Castello di Porcia and produce exclusive wines and spirits.
Yet, the name "Porcia" does not only stand for top-quality liquor and wines, but also for an easy-going lifestyle. Schloss Porcia palace plays host to (predominantly Italian) comedies and plays throughout the summer season, thus promoting and enhancing the cross-border relationship.

In 2012 we celebrated 25 years of friendship with the twin towns of Porcia and Pordenone.


Guided tours to lovely mountain pastures

Discover precious gems of nature in the mountains around Spittal!

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Image for photo gallery - Spittal a.D. Carinthia

Explore the most beautiful mountains and quaint lodges in the Spittal - Millstätter See area together with a qualified guide, who will not only point out the region's highlights, but also make sure all guests return home safely. Between May 20 and September 27, 2013 Spittal offers a varied walking program including a number of easy to challenging walks. For each tour we charge EUR 12 per adult and EUR 6 per child. There are numerous mountain lodges and restaurants in the area where walkers are welcome to have a lunch stop. "Almexpress" transfer service (subject to an extra charge)!

Spittal a.D. Carinthia


Monday: Dep. Döbriach (09:15), Millstatt (09:30), Seeboden (09:45): Kohlmaier Hütte, Steinkopf
Tuesday: Dep. Seeboden (09:15), Millstatt (09:30), Döbriach (09:45): Erlacher Hütte, Predigerstuhl
Wednesday: Dep. Seeboden (09:15), Döbriach (09:30), Millstatt (09:45): Lammersdofer Hütte, Kamplnock
Thursday: Dep. Döbriach (09:15), Millstatt (09:30), Seeboden (09:45): Sommereggerhütte, Tschierweger Nock
Friday: Dep. Döbriach (09:15), Millstatt (09:30), Seeboden (09:45), Spittal (10:00): Goldeckbahn Spittal, Goldeck
Saturday: 09:30 - Food tour

Detailed information, maps and tickets are available at the tourist offices in Spittal and the surrounding villages.

Guided Tuesday walks

The Spittal tourist board and the Spittal branch of the Austrian Alpine Association offer guided tours every Tuesday. Prep talk on Monday prior to the respective tour (Spittal tourist office, 5.30pm). Tours depart from the car park at the Protestant church at 7am on Tuesday.

Tue, Aug 27: Eisenhut (2,441 m), Wintertalernock (2,394 m)
Tue, Sep 3: Gailtaler Polinik (2,332 m)
Tue, Sep 10: Hoher Prijakt (3,067 m)
Tue, Sep 17: Ferlacher Horn (Harloutz, 1,814 m)
Tue, Sep 24: Großer Griedlkopf (2,659 m)
Tue, Oct 1: Reitereck (2,790 m)
Tue, Oct 8: Steigerhütte (1,481 m), Plattnock (2,316 m)
Tue, Oct 15: Latschur (2,236 m)
Tue, Oct 22: Göriacher Alm - Hochegg (2,432 m)
Tue, Oct 29: From Falkert to Prießhütte


Church / Petzlbräu brewery

The tour starts in a historically important place...

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Kulturrundgang Image Website - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Stadtpfarrkirche "Maria Verkündigung" ("Mary's Annunciation" Parish Church)

The origins of Spittal
Erected on the foundations of a former chapel, the architecture and design of the church have changed due to reconstruction in 1307, 1584 and 1966, and as a consequence of an earthquake in 1690 and fires in 1729 and 1797. It is said to be the last resting-place of Gabriel von Salamanca, treasurer to Emperor Ferdinand I.
The north facade bears the remains of the coat of arms of Elisabeth von Eberstein, his first wife. Remarkable features inside the church: Ortenburg stone reliefs (14th century); "Portalstein" with the Salamanca Ortenburg coat of arms (16th century); pietà (15th century).

You'd better watch out for this remarkable building with its lovely architectural features dating from the late Baroque period (around 1780) and wall paintings depicting the Three Magi and a sundial.

While the Counts of Porcia used the building as a brewery, it is now home to the town archive.

Spittl / Schüttbacher Stadthaus

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Kulturrundgang Image Website - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia


Located on the River Lieser, Spittl was commissioned in the first half of or in the mid-16th century by Gabriel von Salamanca, as was the Franz Xaver church. The entire complex was finished many years after his death by the Counts of Widmann.
The former hospice was built in the style of a Renaissance palace with lovely courtyard and is one of the town's most remarkable buildings. It used to accommodate travelers and people in need, and was later home to the district authorities, the Provincial Government, a primary school and the armed forces, before it was returned to the town's authorities.

Schüttbacher Stadthaus

Crossing Lieserbrücke bridge, you can access the Spittal Hauptplatz square passing an archway.
A red and white Renaissance plate depicting an eagle reminds of the fact that Emperor Ferdinand I granted arms to Spittal an der Drau.
House no. 3 was formerly home to Dr. Christoph Schüttpacher, county official from 1586 to 1601, and is an example of 16th century town house architecture. The Renaissance-style courtyard is to host numerous events during the summer.

Khevenhüller Stadtschloss/Malbaum/Porcia Palace

Spittal an der Drau - Region Millstätter See Kulturrundgang Image Website - Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Khevenhüller Stadtschloss

It was this palais where the remarkable rise of the Khevenhüller noble family began.
Christoph Khevenhüller and his wife, Elisabeth Mannsdorf, had the three-storey Renaissance palais built in 1537. It is the birthplace of one of Europe's most important diplomats.


Depicts the history of Spittal from Celtic tribes to the Romans and on to the Ortenburger dynasty and the time when Spittal was granted the privilege of a town.

Approaching the palace you will come across house no. 17, Altdeutsche Weinstube, which was built by M. Ladinig, a painter and friend to Count Ferdinand of Porcia, at the beginning of the last century. It is a remarkable building not only in terms of architecture and design, but also because of the collection it houses.

Porcia Palace

Schloss Porcia is one of the most precious Renaissance buildings north of the Alps and the pride of Spittal.
Gabriel von Salamanca and his successors commissioned a number of Italian master builders to erect a unique jewel of Renaissance architecture, which was the residence of the Counts of Porcia from 1662 to 1918.


Then and now: Art and culture in Spittal

Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Guided tours of the most significant buildings in Spittal are offered every Tuesday from June to September. Tours are free of charge and start at the main gate of Schloss Porcia castle at 10am. Takes about an hour. Highlights: Schloss Porcia, Palais Khevenhüller, Stadtpfarrkirche Maria Verkündigung, "Spittl". Groups: please book in advance.

Spittal  a.D. Carinthia

Transfer Klagenfurt - Spittal

The Klagenfurt airport is about 80 km from Spittal

Transfer service from the Klagenfurt airport to Spittal and the Millstätter See area.
Contact the Millstätter See Tourismus GesmbH office for further details, phone +43/(0)4766-37000.
Inexpensive air travel to Carinthia:

Spittal a.D. Carinthia

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