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Grän-Haldensee - Graen-Haldensee Tirol

Dear guest!

Welcome to Grän-Haldensee, set in the region Tannheimertal Valley, Tirol. It is set at 1134 above sea level. It has a population of 581 inhabitants. The location is Lakeside, Riverside, By a mountain, Near Cable Car, Near Cross Country Ski Track, Close to ski slopes.
You are planning to spend your holidays in Grän-Haldensee? Grän-Haldensee offers you the following accommodations:

Hotel Grän-Haldensee (6)

Four Star Hotel Grän-Haldensee (5)
Three Star Hotel Grän-Haldensee (1)

Holiday Home Grän-Haldensee (65)

Four Star Holiday Home Grän-Haldensee (11)
Three Star Holiday Home Grän-Haldensee (17)
2-Stars and less Holiday Home Grän-Haldensee (39)

Guesthouse Grän-Haldensee (9)

Three Star Guesthouse Grän-Haldensee (5)
2-Stars and less Guesthouse Grän-Haldensee (5)

Farm Grän-Haldensee (8)

2-Stars and less Farm Grän-Haldensee (8)

Private Rooms Grän-Haldensee (17)

Four Star Private Rooms Grän-Haldensee (2)
Three Star Private Rooms Grän-Haldensee (7)
2-Stars and less Private Rooms Grän-Haldensee (9)

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Tannheimer Tal
Panorama-Kamera Live!
Grän-Haldensee - Graen-Haldensee Tirol
-2/13 °C
Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal
Infobüro Grän-Haldensee
Dorfstrasse 1
6673 Grän-Haldensee, Austria
Phone +43 (5675) 6285
Fax: +43 (5675) 6220 60
Graen-Haldensee Tirol
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