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Innsbruck Brass Bands

The Wilten brass band

Nestled at the foot of the historically important Berg Isel, Wilten to the south of Innsbruck is the town´s oldest part. Historical documents prove that the first parish brass band was formed back in 1650.

Yet it was only in 1814 that a brass band in the common sense of the word came into being. They gave a stunning performance on the occasion of the funeral ceremony for Andreas Hofer and were among the first Tirolean brass bands to appear in uniforms (traditionally red jackets, a pair of black knee-breeches, and Wipptal hats).

Muller Parades

Huttler and Muller parades - traditional carnival customs

Everyone living in the village of Rum looks eagerly forward to the Muller parades during Carnival season. Soon after Epiphany, a group of whip-swinging men noisily ring in the period of reign of Melcher, Halbweisse, Zaggeler and Zottler.

The four figures mentioned above stand for the four seasons. Getting a slap on the back by any of them is interpreted as an honor and fertility ritual. Other characters roaming the streets include Bock, Hexen, Bären and Fasser-Rössl.

Christmas in the Alps

Tirolean Christmas traditions

During Advent the Innsbruck old town is being turned into a beautiful Christmas wonderland. More than 50 stalls nestle around the famous Golden Roof and offer a wide range of culinary delights and nice gifts. Christmas tunes are sounded from the Golden Roof every day, and on the evening of December 05 it´s all about St Nikolaus and his angels throughout the old town.

Advent also makes a splendid time to pay a visit to the exhibition of nativity models in the Popular Art Museum (next to Hofkirche). December 23 marks the day of Christmas celebrations in Igls, with Mary and Joseph moving through town accompanied by shepherds and angels.

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