FAQ Free travel cancellation insurance

For future bookings on Tiscover you can take full advantage of a very special feature: for every booking you get a free cancellation insurance. In case you must cancel your trip you already have an insurance that covers your cancellation costs.

  1. What is included if you book your holiday on tiscover.com?
    1. Tiscover cancellation insurance
      If you book an accommodation or a package via tiscover.com, you receive a basic travel cancellation insurance for free (Tiscover cancellation insurance)- which means that tiscover.com provides you with a free insurances that covers 100% of the cancellation fee if the cancellation is justified. (see point 2.).
    2. Cancellation reasons covered by Tiscover cancellation insurance
      There are certain reasons for cancelling a holiday and changing travel plans. Detailed cancellation reasons covered by the insurance
  2. What to do if the event insured against occurs?
    If you can't set out for your holiday you must cancel your holiday immediately at your booking partner (Tiscover.com - via phone +43 512 5351 555 or directly at your accommodation) by informing also the service center of the EUROPEAN TRAVEL INSURANCE (claim notification via fax, post, e-mail or online). The following data are important: first name, last name, address, travel date, cancellation date and cancellation reason, booking confirmation, insurance confirmation. In case of illness/accident a detailed medical certificate is required - please use the respective form. Also attach the doctor's certificate issued for your social security and the confirmation of prescribed medication. Claim notification forms can be ordered via phone, fax, post and e-mail or downloaded from the Internet site.
  3. Calculation example
    Calculation base for the insured event is always the travel cancellation fee fixed by the accommodation; the maximum amount is defined in the General Terms & Conditions of the Austrian Hotel Industry – detailed insurance and cancellation information, refunds and cancellation fees are available in the AGBH 2006 (german) and in the the information brochures of the European Travel Insurance.

    An accommodation charges, according to recommendations defined in the AGBH (General Hotel Terms & Conditions), 90% of the holiday costs as cancellation fee within 7 days prior to arrival. If you cancel your holiday worth Euro 1,000 five days prior to arrival the cancellation costs amount to Euro 900. If the cancellation reason is justified - for more details check the information provided by the European Travel Insurance - the Tiscover cancellation insurance covers 100% of the cancellation costs. In this case Euro 900 would be refunded.

    Important information: The cancellation reason must be confirmed by a medical certificate proving a "severe illness".
  4. Detailed information on Tiscover cancellation insurance incl. legal foundations of the European Travel Insurance

    Tiscover cancellation insurance