Spera is situated on a morainic terrace and overlooks the Valsugana. It is renown for the wood processing and for the chestnuts which were exported to Austria at the beginning of this century.
Spera still preserves its appearance typical of Valsugana with characteristic alpine buildings. The village expands along the road leading to S. Apollonia and the one leading to Pianezze in the Valle del Maso.

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Arrival & Address

Spera can be reached either from north or south along the SS 12 del Brennero or the A 22 motorway (exit at Trento Centro, 42 km) and continuing along SS 47 della Valsugana (exit Strigno).
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FS station Trento (Munich-Rome line)
FS station Strigno (Valsugana line, Trento-Venice)
Società Atesina bus connection: from Trento to Strigno

The nearest airports:
Verona - Valerio Catullo
Venice - Marco Polo
Milan - Linate
Bolzano - Bolzano Sud
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Daily from 8 am - 10 pm
A.P.T. Valsugana - Lagorai - Terme - Laghi
Ufficio di Borgo Valsugana - Piazza Degasperi, 20
38051 Borgo Valsugana, Italy