Lake Garda

Its mild climate, its Mediterranean atmosphere mixed with breathtaking Alpine sceneries, that charming look of the old towns set along the shores and the top conditions offered to sport fanatics...

this is why Lake Garda attracts so many people from all over the world.

Lake Garda is the largest of Italian lakes. Already well-known for its beauty at the old Roman times, Lake Garda displays a succession of castles, villas, small ports and typical pastel-colored villages, only interrupted by olive groves, cypress trees and sheer rocky cliffs.

The mitigating influence of its waters and the mountain ranges protecting the area from all sides make possible that typical Mediterranean plants like cypress, olive and lemon tress thrive undisturbed all around Garda shores. Summers are never too hot nor are winters too cold on the lake.

Tourists can choose ...

... from a variety of themed visits, such as gourmet tours, the wine road, castle, churches or museum tours, etc.
The area offers plenty of fun and action packed activities to suit everybody´s taste: amusement parks, safaris, water parks and, why not, natural and thermal parks, too. Gardaland, just to mention one, is Italy´s biggest amusement park.

Lake Garda is also a paradise for sport lovers at all stages. From the more "relaxing" sports like swimming, golf and tennis, to action-related ones like windsurf, horse-riding, hiking and mountain-biking, just to end up with definitely more extreme activities like free-climbing and paragliding. International climbing competion Rock Master is held every year in Arco.

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