Attractions - Andelsbuch

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Watch how cheese is made at the "Käsehaus" (Sun, 4pm, for free) or visit the new municipal office (on request).
Ride through Andesbuch towards Egg in a horse-drawn sleigh
Go bowling in Andelsbuch (Gasthof Mühle, open daily from 5pm)
Ice-tower climbing - Austria's highest climbing tower (22.3 m)
Cheap tandem flights at Bregenzerwald avation school
Snowshoeing in the neigboring village Egg

Sights nearby:
Juppenwerkstatt Riefensberg (jacket workshop)
Frauenmuseum Hittisau (women's museum)
Museumsbahn "Wälderbähnle" (museum train)
Heimatmuseum Bezau (local heritage museum)
Holzschnitzerei Hammerer Egg (wood carving)
Schaubrennerei Bentele (distillery)
Angelika Kaufmann Museum Schwarzenberg etc.