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Alpine Pasture Walks – Mountain Biking – Climbing Enns Valley National Park Region - The perfect retreat for those wanting to bask in nature! With stretches of summits and peaks, deep gorges and dark forests, the Enns Valley National Park Region creates a scene of stunning natural beauty and provides memorable hiking and cycling experiences.

This area of awesome natural beauty is centered around scenic Kalkalpen National Park and is best explored by foot, bicycle or mountain bike. The Kalkalpen National Park is the wide ranged wooden area in the eastern Alps with an abundance of woodlands and the longest intact stream system in Austria with more than 800 springs. This scenic area accommodates rare plants, among them over 30 varieties of wild orchids,
and animals. Some of the animal species can only be found in this area anymore, such as golden eagles, brown bears, lynxes, capercailzies, and salamanders.

Close by, you’ll find another National Park – the Gesäuse National Park that sprawls over 11,000 hectares in the mighty valley between Admont and Hieflau, Buchstein Massif and Hochtor Range. The Park's quiet charm presents an intimate portrait of rural existence and has some of the country’s finest untouched, uncrowded and unique landscapes.

Walking & Mountain Biking in the National Park

The environs of Kalkalpen National Park Region are crisscrossed by hundreds of waymarked trails for hiking, cycling and mountain biking. Quaint mountain lodges and huts, ascending from 800 to 1,300 meters above sea level, serve as perfect bases for your most enjoyable nature experiences. History has left its mark for visitors to explore and enjoy in various delightful theme trails.

Mountain Biking
The National Park Region rocks when it comes to the hard tail, soft tail, off-trail fun of mountain biking. There's a stunning network of over 300 kilometers of trails to explore, filled with Upper Austria’s best scenery, canyons, valleys and alpine pastures. Your legs are the limit!

The Enns Valley Cycle Path
You’ll experience spectacular mountain scenery, wild and romantic valleys, waterfalls, and plenty of enchanting villages and historic towns. The delightful ride travels through areas of awesome natural beauty with views of soaring mountains on each side. The Enns Cycle Path follows the waters of Enns River and is an outstanding and unforgettable adventure that takes cyclists through spectacular mountains and dense forests for 75 kilometers.

Hintergebirge Cycle Path
Undoubtedly, the Hintergebirge Cycle Path is rated among the best trails in all of Europe. A flat gravel trail meanders along Großer Bach River and takes you right into the heart of the National Park.
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Information on the region

Enns Valley National Park Region - This area of awesome natural beauty is best explored on snowshoes. We invite you to enjoy our winter—pine and spruce dusted with luxurious snow, gorgeous mountains sparkling in the sunlight.

Strap on showshoes and step into a spectacular landscape that seems to have been made just for the sport. Ski and snowboard all day—every day. The surrounding ski areas are family-oriented and well known for exceptional snow, friendly faces and uncrowded slopes. Quaint mountain lodges and huts serve as perfect bases for your most enjoyable winter vacation.

And if you’d like to skip the slopes and try something new, this is the place to go as well. Start with these popular winter pastimes and explore a whole new world of white: Embark on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride. Walk into a winter wonderland. Glide across the snow laden forests on cross country skis. Whiz down the mountain on a sled—sledding appeals to the kid in all of us. There's never a shortage of winter activities here.

Can there be anything more relaxing than taking a dip into soothingly warm water on a cold winter’s day? Or enjoying a steam bath, taking in the fragrants in the herbal steam room… you can rely on our spas to send you back into the working world refreshed and restored to health.

The intact scenery and the crisp, clean air make Enns Valley National Park Region a place to take a deep breath and relax. Savor the taste and variety of local dishes and enjoy!
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