Holidays Hinzenbach

Hinzenbach is a charming village resort in the heart of the Eferding region. Hinzenbach has always been attracting high-ranking celebrities, among them the renowned Lichtenwinkler family and the Dukes of Schaunberg. Stefan Fadinger and his brother-in-law, Christoph Zeller, both of them leading figures in the Upper Austrian peasants´ war, lie buried in the depths of the Seebacher Moos moor to the north of the village.

Today, Hinzenbach´s major attractions are definitely the ski jumps that are used by both upcoming athletes and top international sportsmen, such as the Austrian ski jumping champion Andreas Goldberger.
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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    2 / 14 °C
  • Tomorrow
    5 / 18 °C
  • Wednesday
    3 / 12 °C
  • Thursday
    2 / 7 °C
  • Friday
    2 / 9 °C
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Gemeindeamt Hinzenbach
Christoph-Zeller-Weg 1
4070 Hinzenbach, Austria