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The charming town of Laa was first mentioned in a document in 1150. In 2000, we proudly celebrated its 850-year anniversary!

It is here where history comes alive, when you visit the old town hall, the castle, the parish church, the hospital, the mill, and other interesting places. However, the aspiring spa town also boasts excellent 4-star hotels, and the comforts of modern times.

Sports enthusiasts can go swimming, play tennis indoors and outdoors, enjoy horseback riding, etc. Nature lovers can discover the many fascinating aspects of this lovely region on excellent hiking and cycle paths. There are also several museums, like the Biermuseum / Beer Museum, the Südmährermuseum / Museum of local history, and the Kutschenmuseum / Coach Museum, and you can also visit numerous cultural events, fairs, festivals, ...
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Information on the region

In the Weinviertel region, at the border to the Czech Republic, the small town Laa lies. The spa and the excellent restaurants invite you to visit us!

The spa in Laa invites you to discover its hot springs, the impressive light installations, the underwater music, a large sauna area, the kids club full of adventures, and a lot more.

The culture city
Remains of the ancient city wall, the hospital of the bourgeoisie, the Old Town Hall, the parish church or the castle of Laa are witnesses to the rich history of the fortified city Laa.
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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    -1 / 4 °C
  • Tomorrow
    -3 / 2 °C
  • Monday
    -5 / 0 °C
  • Tuesday
    -2 / 4 °C
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Travel Route & Address

Vienna - B7 federal highway - Mistelbach - Landesstraße 46 country road
Or Vienna - Korneuburg - B6 federal highway
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You can also take the bus from Vienna.
Vienna International Airport
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Tourismusbüro Land um Laa
Stadtplatz 43
2136 Laa an der Thaya, Austria
Laa  a.d.  Thaya Lower Austria