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The heart of the southern Kamptal valley is formed by the picturesque wine city Langenlois. Since many centuries, this beautiful little town is known for its excellent wines and world-famous vineyards, such as Heiligenstein, Steinhaus, Dechant, etc.

Langenlois, first officially mentioned as "Liubisa" (the lovely one), still deserves to be called like that, having made itself a name as the largest wine town of Austria.

Over the course of the entire year, Langenlois offers visitors and friends of the excellent grape juice a countless number of wine experiences: cellar lane parties, wine spring in the Kamptal valley, Tour de Vin, wine autumn weeks, cosy Heurigen which have helped to shape the image of this region. In addition, there are many awarded wines from renowned wine estates, earning Langenlois international prestige and publicity.
Another important aspect is the cultural variety of this town. Apart from the culture weeks called "Langenloiser Herbst" in November and the event range "Kultur in Langenloiser Höfen", there is another annual highlight in summer: The castle festival Langenlois in the romantic parc of the castle Haindorf! An excellent crew of the Ensemble of the Viennese State Opera and the "Volksoper" as well as the Viennese opera ball orchestra guarantee many a joyful summer evening in the romantic ambiance of the castle Haindorf. During a walk, have a look at the well-preserved historic substance at the wine growers´ and civil courts.

The cordial hospitality, the quality of the accommodation, the local cuisine and naturally the wines at attractive prices will make you feel truly welcome here.
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Information on the region

The heart of the southern Kamptal valley is formed by the picturesque wine city of Langenlois. For many centuries, this attractive small town is known mainly due to its excellent wines from world wide known vineyards such as Heiligenstein, Steinhaus, Dechant, etc.

Langenlois was first officially mentioned as "Liubsia" (the lovely), a name still definitely deserved by the largest wine town of Austria.

Langenlois offers friends and lovers of the delicious grape juice a whole range of wine events all year long, ranging from several cellar lane parties, the Kamptal valley wine spring, the Tour de Vin up to wine autumn weeks and the cosy Heurigen wine taverns which help to contribute to the reputation of this region. Part of this is also due to the many times awarded wines of renowned wine growing estates, responsible for the international recognition to this wine town.
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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    1 / 5 °C
  • Tomorrow
    1 / 8 °C
  • Friday
    -1 / 6 °C
  • Saturday
    -2 / 4 °C
  • Sunday
    -3 / 2 °C
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Travel Route & Address

coming from Vienna:
Danube Highway A22 towards Stockerau, continue along the S5 federal road to Krems and leave at the exit Fels am Wagram. Take the B34 to Langenlois.

coming from the West:
On the Western Highway A1 towards Vienna to St. Pölten, continue along the S33 to krems and on the B218 to Langenlois.

Driving distances:

Highway exit A1 - 30 minutes by car
Exit S5 - 10 minutes by car
Exit S33 - 10 minutes by car
Airport Wien-Schwechat (VIE) - 40 minutes by car
Airport Bratislava (BTS) - 70 minutes by car
Railway station in Krems - 10 minutes by car
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from Vienna: Take the Franz-Josef-Train to Hadersdorf, then change at Hadersdorf to reach Langenlois.
from the West: Take the West-Train to St. Pölten, then change for Krems and continue via Hadersdorf to Langenlois.
Airport Wien-Schwechat (VIE)
Airport Bratislava (BTS)
Aerodrome Langenlois-Krems in Gneixendorf
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