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Charming Mondseeland

The crystal-clear water of Lake Mondsee and Lake Irrsee attracts not only locals on a hot summer weekend. Even families and nature lovers from abroad love to spend the summer in the lovely Mondseeland area. When on holiday at Lake Mondsee or Lake Irrsee in the Salzkammergut region, you’ll be in for a fair share of action, exercise and relaxation: Winter sports include cross-country skiing and winter walking, while summer comes with sailing, kayaking, fishing, diving, walking and hiking, cycling and mountain biking, horse riding and playing golf. Culture vultures will love the vast array of events, including the Musiktage music festival. Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to discover the beauty of nature and visit the region’s must-sees, such as Drachensteinwand. No matter if you come for a summer or winter break – the Mondseeland area ensures holidays to remember!

Mondseeland: Mountain & water adventures

Water sports combine with walking and hiking to create a varied offering for outdoor enthusiasts. While Lake Mondsee offers perfect conditions for sailing, surfing, kayaking, water skiing and diving, Lake Irrsee makes a splendid destination for those in need of rest and relaxation. Even though the lake is designated as a conservation area, swimming – and even rowing – is permitted. Both lakes are popular fishing grounds. However, there is a lot to discover even off the lakes. Some 150 kilometers of walking and hiking trails take visitors to such lovely places as Drachenwand Mountain, Kolomansberg or Schafberg. Those taking the challenging, 4-hour ascent to Drachenwand will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Salzkammergut lakes.

The charming environment also lends itself to nature exploration by bicycle or mountain bike. Hochalm and Eisenau Alm are the preferred destinations of mountain bikers spending their holidays in the Mondsee – Irrsee area. With 15 golf courses there is plenty of choice for golf aficionados, too. Golfclub Mondsee ranks among Austria’s most beautiful and most challenging golf courses, with Lake Drachensee at its very center.

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2 Lakes in Mondsee - Irrsee

  • Size: 14.2 km² Beach: Sunning Lawn Village: Mondsee on Lake Mondsee Region: Salzkammergut
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    Free admission select
  • Water
    21 - 25 °C
    Size: 3.5 km² Village: Zell am Moos am Irrsee Region: Salzkammergut
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    Free admission select
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Information on the region

Peaceful and magical: Winter at the lake

Romance. Tranquility. Relaxation. A winter holiday in the Mondsee – Irrsee area makes you forget about the daily grind. Families love to explore the picture-postcard winter wonderland on foot and discover such gems of nature as the Kreuzstein icefall or the unspoiled Helenental Valley. The Mondsee branch of the Austrian Alpine Association offers guided winter walks and hikes. The gently rolling terrain lends itself to cross-country skiing. The 9.5-kilometer Mondseebergrunde track winds its way all around the Hochmoor nature reserve. Additional tracks for skating and classic cross-country skiing (suitable for beginners and pros) are available at Oberhofen and at Nussdorf/Oberwang, the hub of cross-country skiing in the area.

The sledge track at Hochserner Hof in Tiefgraben is the preferred destination of families and speed kings and queens of all ages. Illumination facilities ensure outstanding sledging until late at night. Having spent the day out, you will happily return to your hotel, guesthouse or campground to enjoy a decent meal and recharge your inner batteries for another fabulous and fun-filled winter day.

More detailed information provided by the Tourist Board

At all times of the year, the scenery itself provides reason enough to spend time in this unique Region... MondSeeLand is a natural year-round playground with its lofty mountains, crystal clear lakes and lush emerald forests. There´s something to do here every day whether it´s a thrilling adventure or just some quiet time listening to nature and absorbing the magnificent scenery. MondSeeLand is a place to relax, to soak up the atmosphere, to take in the superb mountain scenery, and to enjoy the vacation experience of lifetime.

Sporting opportunities abound-there are great remote trails for hiking, cycling and horseback riding, exquisite golf greens and fine tennis courts. And when it comes to splashing & wet fun in the sun, the emerald green Mondsee and Irrsee Lakes are just the places to come and play!

Hiking & Cycling MondSeeLand

The Region encircling the two Salzkammergut Lakes of Mondsee and Zellersee is an area of awesome natural beauty. A landscape of dreams. A landscape to answer your dreams. A scenery that offers excellent and varied walking and cycling, with spectacular views of unfathomably deep lakes and the most glorious mountain scenery you can imagine. And wherever you go there are lovely places to take a rest and enjoy hearty delicacies. With the stunning network of waymarked paths that entice through forest and pasture, there´s no shortage of opportunities to turn those dreams into reality. A reality of your choosing...
Mondseeland, which covers seven surrounding villages and the Mondsee and Irrsee Lakes, is a Resort in the truest sense of the word, attracting visitors of all ages and interests throughout the year. Sporting opportunities for cyclists, golfers, horseback riders and hikers abound, and there is a complete range of eateries and restaurants to suit every taste. A rich variety of evening entertainment and cultural pursuits are provided throughout the Region, all year round.

In the winter, you can explore the stunning countryside all blanketed in snow. Discover winter wonderland and let the adventure and the pace be yours: There is nothing so peaceful as gliding along through snow laden forests or along a frozen lake on a pair of cross country skis. Dry-heat sauna and steam room are just the right places to relax & unwind after the exertion of the day...

As the snow falls, Mother Nature transforms Mondseeland into a magical winter playground.

At all times of the year, the scenery itself provides reason enough to spend time in this unique Region... Take a spin on the frozen Irrsee Lake. Try your hand at ice curling. Walk into a winter wonderland. Embark on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride. Ride a horse into a remote wilderness. Everything you could possibly desire for your most complete winter vacation!
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