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A holiday in Mostviertel appeals to all your senses! Thanks to its varied offering in terms of dining and wining and innumerable activities and recreational facilities the Mostviertel region caters for the needs of both sports and relaxation-minded visitors. Located to the west of Lower Austria, the area offers easy access to many excursion sites and places of interest, including the River Danube to the North, and the nearby towns of St. Pölten and Krems as well as scenic Wachau. One of the most popular activities in the area is ‘Mostradeln’, i. e. cycling along the Moststraße routes (Most meaning apple cider). Yet, the Mostviertel region has a lot to offer in winter as well: The Ötscher, Hochkar and Annaberg ski areas attract winter sports enthusiasts of all ages and ambitions.

Discover the magic of winter in Mostviertel

Charming Mostviertel offers winter holidays second to none! With innumerable sports and leisure facilities and a varied tourist infrastructure the region makes a splendid winter destination for people of all ages and interests. Outdoor sports include skiing and snowboarding at the Mostviertel ski areas of Annaberg, Hochkar, Ötscher and several family ski resorts, as well as cross-country skiing on immaculate tracks and tobogganing.

Ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing, as well as snowshoe walking make for a fabulous winter and nature experience off the trodden paths, allowing you to take deep breaths of crisp air, recharge your inner batteries and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Having spent an active day out exploring the Mostviertel area, there is nothing to beat a nice glass of apple cider.

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11 Ski areas in Mostviertel

  • closed
    Elevation: 1380 - 1808 m KM of slopes: 19 km Operating: 02.12.17 - 02.04.18 Village: Göstling Region: Mostviertel
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    38.00 select
  • Elevation: 812 - 1426 m KM of slopes: 19 km Operating: 08.12.17 - 18.03.18 Village: Gaming Region: Mostviertel
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    38.00 select
  • Elevation: 800 - 1626 m KM of slopes: 16 km Operating: 08.12.17 - 18.03.18 Village: Mitterbach am Erlaufsee Region: Mariazeller Land
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    34.50 select
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Information on the region

Lower Austria: Apple cider, activities and sports

A summer holiday in lovely Mostviertel in Lower Austria stands for cycling across gently rolling hills and for walking and hiking against a backdrop of stunning mountain scenery. The mild climate is appreciated by wine growers and farmers all along the 200-kilometer long Moststraße route. Cycling is the perfect way of exploring the Mostviertel region with its scenic landscapes and gently rolling hills. St. Pölten, the provincial capital, is located at the very heart of the region and makes a fine place for travelers to relax and unwind.

There is also a wild side to the Mostviertal region that is worth being discovered: The unspoiled landscape of the Ötscher, Hochkar, Dürrenstein, Gippel and Göller mountains lends itself to nature exploration, walking and hiking. When on holiday in the Mostviertel region, do not miss out on a visit to one of the cozy Mostheurigen (Most taverns) to sample a glass of delicious Most (apple cider). With its varied tourist offering and friendly and welcoming people Lower Austria will certainly succeed in making your stay an experience to remember.

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Mostviertel online: Winter fun in the Mostviertel
Ötscher, Hochkar and Annaberg have been popular winter tourism destination for years already. From one day excursions to several weeks lasting holidays, the alpine upland of the Mostviertel has everything to offer that winter fans desire. It´s not by chance that the cradle of alpine skiing lies in the Mostviertel. In Lilienfeld, the world famous pioneer Mathias Zdarsky developed the "alpine skiing technique" out of the very old Nordic Skiing.
Mostviertel online: Welcome in a country full of variety
- Welcome to the Mostviertel!

Many names have already been given to this piece of earth. Cradle and orchard of Austria, the country of pears and bears, country of hammers or the region where it is said that even God does possess a quadrangle farm. Thus, it is of no wonder that the inhabitants of the Mostviertel are very proud of their country and love to show it to their guests. When you arrive, you will dive into a piece of land that promises to entirely fascinate and enthrall you.

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