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The market municipality Neusiedl an der Zaya is located in the north east of the Weinviertel at an altitude of 174 m. It was home to settlements from the the early stone age up to the "Hallstatt" age and during the time of the Roman emperors. Excavations have revealed a tomb dating back to the time of the migration (5th century), and Slavic tomb (10th century).

The village has first officially been mentioned in 1330. Since 1964, Neusiedl a.d. Zaya is a market municipality.
Situated in the middle of the Zaya valley, Neusiedl a.d. Zaya posesses one of the last, still existing drilling towers of Austria.
Regarding leisure time, the recreational centre with lido and indoor swimming pool as well as sport institutions offers various possibilities.

Moreover, a rich community life cares for conviviality.
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Information on the region

The market municipality Neusiedl an der Zaya is located at the northern border of the district Gänserndorf and has made itself a name as "the craddle of oil". For about 800 years, the municipality Neusiedl a.d. Zaya has been a "farmer´s community" along the smooth hills of the Steinberg. Wars, epidemics, misery and poverty have always been present at some stage. Despite all changes of the last centuries, one thing didn´t change: Our municipality has been marked by agriculture. Wine and bread were pre-dominant.

On the 30th of August 1930, this suddenly changed. At the southern slope of the Steinberg hill, the first "Austrian" oil has been extracted. Keith van Sickle, born in the roman oil province Ploesti, pushed the oil production further. A whole lot of foreigners intruded the farming community. Apart from the workers from Neusiedl, there was a huge number of foreign workers from half of Europe. The highest oil production out of the oil fields around Neusiedl amounted to 800.000 tons p.a. It was achieved by 470 drillings.

A large part of the Austrian war debts to the Russians had been compensated by the oil of Neusiedl. In 1955, after the war, the oil fields again became Austrian posession.

Then, the economic rise started;

Streets and canal systems were built. Every household became an access to gas. New schools and kindergartens have been constructed. Sport- and tennis courts, cycle paths, a modern lido with 3 heatable stainless steel basins and one indoor swimming pool with sauna form the leisure institutions of the community at the moment. There has also been built a small lift at the northern slope of the Steinberg for our children.

These days, only the old grid towers on the oil fields are a testimony to the oil boom. Due to the economic change, peace was present again and the farmers have regained their precious land. Where once oil towers had been erected, vineyards were again established. When the time of the tasting of excellent white and red wines has come, Heurigens and innkeepers of the surroundings invite you to a tasting.

The inhabitants and "community fathers" of Neusiedl haven´t forgotten about the past. By adding crossed hammers into our community emblem, we want to set a memorial for the oil pioneers.
This emblem combines Neusiedl a.d. Zaya with the whole district of Gänserndorf, because it mirrors the economic branches of the district Gänserndorf by its symbols "Wine, oil, bread".
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Gemeindeamt Neusiedl a. d. Zaya
Bahnstraße 5a
2183 Neusiedl a. d. Zaya, Austria