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Sprawling across the western parts of the Traun-Enns region, the village of Pettenbach nestles in a scenic location in the foothills of the Alps. Pettenbach borders on the Almfluss river to the west and the Aiterbach river to the east and has an overall north-south extension of 14 km.

Set at the entrance to the Alm Valley, the snug town of Pettenbach marks the transition between the mountains and the foreland basin. The earliest traces of settlement (excavations of rock gardens along the Alm and Aiter rivers) are said to date back to the Stone Ages.

There is historic proof of Illyrian and Celtic influences on the area. Pettenbach once marked the crossroads of the ancient salt and iron roads, and has therefore been attracting settlers since pre-historic times.
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Tourismusverband Almtal-Salzkammergut
Bürgerservicestelle der Marktgemeinde Pettenbach
Kirchenplatz 3
4643 Pettenbach, Austria
Pettenbach Upper Austria