Holidays St. Oswald

The Charms of Winter in St. Oswald Be enchanted with the winter wonderland in St. Oswald. In the wintertime you may discover the lovely scenery anew. Go for a walk through the snow covered woods, glide on well groomed cross country ski tracks, go for a spin on an ice skating rink or take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. Afterwards you may stop by at one of our cozy inns and enjoy culinary delicacies that taste just right after the exertion of the day.

St. Oswald

Discover a Fairytale Winter Wonderland! The snow laden hills seem to be covered with a soft blanket, the forests appear even more peaceful than in summer. The country is in perfect harmony. Enter a winter wonderland of glittering ice crystals. Experience a refreshing holiday in St. Oswald, gather strength, discover remote places and enjoy nature and the cultural arts. Your vacation, the most precious time of year, will be a unique experience and a respite for body and soul.
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Information on the region

St. Oswald is situated in the northeast of Mühlviertel Region, in an area of awesome natural beauty, where gently rolling hills alternate with romantic valleys. St. Oswald´s most significant feature is its variety: Dark forests, wooded mountain ridges, fields and meadows, crystal clear streams, remote farms and lovely villages. Lush meadows and remote forests lend themselves to outstanding hiking. When it comes to sports, you can choose from a tremendous variety of seasonal activities. Like in the the old saying: "It is within one´s leisure hours, that man discovers the gate to a new world."

Your Ideal Holiday Resort

This is a place where you can spend both refreshing and exciting holidays! Golfing combines movement and rest, concentration und relaxation and is the perfect physical activity in the verdant open countryside. Enjoy physical fitness and fun with your friends at one of our tennis courts. Horseback riding, hiking, cycling, and Nordic Walking through the gently rolling foothills are a unique experience. The outdoor solar heated swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip.
Everywhere you go, there are lovely places to stop by. Nice restaurants and inns offer natural hospitality and an exquisite local cuisine.
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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    -7 / 1 °C
  • Tomorrow
    0 / 3 °C
  • Wednesday
    0 / 8 °C
  • Thursday
    0 / 9 °C
  • Friday
    -2 / 5 °C
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Travel Route & Address

Along the Autobahn from Passau, Salzburg or Vienna to Linz. Continue on the A7 Mühlkreis Autobahn to
and follow the Prager Bundesstraße Road via Freistadt to St. Oswald.
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Linz Railroad Station - Change for the Linz-Summerau Line and get off at Lasberg/St. Oswald or at the Train Station of Freistadt.

Linz/Hörsching Airport
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Marktgemeindeamt St. Oswald b. Freistadt
Markt 80
4271 St. Oswald b. Freistadt, Austria
St.  Oswald  b.  Freistadt Upper Austria