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- where peace lives and the wintertime enchants the country.
Winter in the Waldviertel is especially attractive. Snow and ice turn the natural landscape into a scenery as if taken from a fairy-tale.
While other regions focus on skilifts and mass tourism, the Waldviertel has continued to rely on its peaceful atmosphere and contemplative nature.
Loved and appreciated by insiders is the cross-country skiing offer of the Waldviertel. Hundreds of kilometres of well tended runs around the regions Gutenbrunn-Bärnkopf-Martinsberg and Bad Großpertholz-Karlstift invite you to exercise in the fresh winter air.
Following the motto "Get on your skis and get going", the small, but lovely and well-tended ski resorts of the Waldviertel are perfectly suitable for families with kids. They offer lifts, snow-making facilities, snowboard & ski courses.

Those who prefer something else apart from skiing can indulge in Nordic Walking tours, trudge through the winter landscape on snow boots, go ice-skating or embark on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Discover your personalised winter experience in the Waldviertel - be it active or relaxed, we we make sure you have a warm welcome up here in the north!

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Cycling Waldviertel

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  • Picturesque Waldviertel makes a real cyclng heaven, no matter if you are in search of easy routes or highly challenging trails. Explore the unique holiday region and its huge number of interesting sights along the Waldviertel cycle route.
  • Waldviertel has also one of the country's most scenic trails, the hilly Kamp-Thaya-March cycle route with a total length of 445 kilometers. The "Reblaus Express" cog railway takes cyclists to the most beautiful trailheads or helps to restore your energy.
  • The fabulous Waldviertl Water Cycle Trail in Gmünd is made to measure for families and kids. More ambitious cyclsts are recommended to follow the "Lainsitztaler Iron Curtain Trail", a stage of the renowned cross-border trail leading past Weitra (visit the Iron Curtain Museum!) and other scenic villages.

4 Ski areas in Waldviertel

  • Snow Depth Mountain: 30 cm Elevation: 900 - 1050 m KM of slopes: 7 km Operating: 08.12.17 - 11.03.18 Village: Sallingberg Region: Waldviertel
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    22.50 select
  • Elevation: 740 - 860 m KM of slopes: 4 km Operating: 03.12.16 - 12.03.17 Village: St. Martin Region: Waldviertel
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    19.50 select
  • Elevation: 650 - 750 m KM of slopes: 1 km Operating: 20.12.13 - 17.03.14 Village: Rappottenstein Region: Waldviertel Mitte
    Day tickets (EUR)
    High season / Adult
    16.00 select
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Information on the region

Peaceful - untouched - secure
The Waldviertel is unobtrusive. The Waldviertel is peaceful. Sometimes lonely, sometimes smooth, sometimes raw.
The Waldviertel breathes peaceful energy and reconciliation. This Nordic clarity is unique!

"Where we are is up in the north". The locals pronounce this with a twinkle of the eye and are referring to the north of Lower Austria, up in the highland, where air as much as feelings still remain unspoiled.

But what is it really that makes this piece on earth so attractive for many people?
Probably it's because everybody finds something unique for the pursuit of his or her individual happiness. The peace of this landscape is a treasure, which even has something to say when it pretends to be quiet. There are so many that appreciate the very vastness of this archaic world with its thousands of ponds and upland moors as well as their "hikeable" ridges. Innumerable possibilites offer themselves to visitors to discover the almost untouched nature "per pedes" and at the same time learn something interesting about the people and their country.

Unknowingly, the Waldviertel causes the most different moods in its people. It's the Nordic clarity in its unparalleled quality that really is unique here. It is quiet, untouched, secure, curious, utterly fresh, pure, archaic, forceful or conciliatory. Just as you prefer it.

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    -2 / 3 °C
  • Tomorrow
    -3 / 1 °C
  • Sunday
    -4 / -1 °C
  • Monday
    -6 / 2 °C
  • Tuesday
    0 / 5 °C
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