Kohlmarkt - Austria

Vienna's finest shopping mile between Hofburg and Graben. Luxury goods á la carte!

Nowhere else will you find such an exclusive offer of ancient, crafted goods, highly imaginative perfectionism and international top design!

Vienna's finest shopping mile offers fabulous views of Hofburg and is of major historical importance. As early as in the Roman era it was the access road to Castrum Vindobona. Later, numerous tailors serving at the imperial court had their workrooms in the houses lining Kohlmarkt, which was also the preferred residential area of scientists and artists, such as Pietro Metastasio, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Frédéric Chopin.

In the 19th century, however, when the Baroque ensemble became part of a bustling city, professions changed, and there was a focus not only on exclusive fashion and jewellery, but also on modern luxury items. Kohlmarkt continuously turned into a modern shopping mile.

1010 Wien, Austria

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