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Seewalchen am Attersee Upper Austria

In 1976 was created by enthusiasm and joy of surfing called the idea to start a club.

With the founding meeting of 3 June 1977 was from this idea into reality, first president was Kurt Bauernfeind. Not to mention as inspiration Kurt Mittendorfer, the club had 36 members at that time.

In 1978 the present club area, which was purchased by the Upper Austrian was passed by the Upper Austrian means of a lease contract to the SSCS, a partnership with the Water Ski Club Seewalchen was received.

In consequence was planned by Clement Wood Master, and finished in 1931 boathouse, the requirements adjusted accordingly.

The SSCS has developed into a training and home for surf athletes whose results are documented by numerous state Meiser and participants at World and European Championships and Olympic Games.

Subsequently was by the chairman of the SSCS Rudi Stadler club premises increased by the extension of port for 20 sailors and more attractive.

Many investments in the structure of the site and buildings, involving numerous members showed improvements in infrastructure, particularly as connection to the sewerage system, new construction of a kitchen and many more

As a sporting highlight of recent years is to mention that Martin Stritzinger in the Mistral class design ONE multiple state champion. This should be reason enough in this respect to force the youth work.

In the fall of 2002, a Föhnsturm

Mr. Obmann Mag. Joachim Stockinger
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