Seewalchen am Attersee

Stand-Up-Paddling rental - Seewalchen am Attersee

Seewalchen am Attersee Upper Austria

You stand with your feet parallel to a slightly longer SUP surfboard and moved and controlled with a special long bladed paddle the board.

No wind, no waves, no motor and be by his own muscle power but mobile go on the water.

Having fun, doing a full body workout complete with a great views. You have to be a surfer, easy to learn for anyone with no age limit.

In our SUP Center in Schorfling you have the chance to try SUP boards at the test site at the Ager before buying. In this area, the Ager has almost no flow and is smooth as glass. Test your new board request in absolute laboratory conditions:-)

Ms Christine Grabner
4863 Seewalchen am Attersee, Austria

Tel.: +43 (664) 4127297
Tel.: +43 (699) 81138317


Opening Hours:

June until September

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