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...Spend the most beautiful days among friends in a very special ambiance!

573 m above sea level
1335 inhabitants

We are know as the "Mondseeland Gauls" due to our ancient, well-preserved customs and traditions. Oberhofen is the perfect place to enjoy restful and relaxing holidays in the heart of nature. Discover the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and experience the genuine Upper Austrian hospitality. A whole range of attractions and highlights are waiting for you throughout the seasons.

We give you a warm welcome to Oberhofen!

FEEL AT HOME away from home ...

Natural landscapes, unspoilt forests and lush green meadows in abundance! We offer everything you could possibly desire for the most complete family vacation in a picturesque setting, far away from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. FEEL WELL, get fit and stay healthy in lovely Oberhofen on the shores of Irrsee lake.

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1 Lake in Oberhofen am Irrsee

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    21 - 25 °C
    Size: 3.5 km² Village: Zell am Moos am Irrsee Region: Salzkammergut
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Information on the region

Cross-country Skiing over Historical Terrain On the northern shore of the Irrsee is the village of Oberhofen. The wonderful cross-country ski-track, from the Irrsee shore almost up to the village centre, offers manifold impressions. The ancient Celtic burial mound is a typical example of this age old settlement. Some say that the villagers of Oberhofen have preserved many of the old customs and idiosyncrasies until today. Their cordiality is especially appreciated by holidaymakers.

Snow-covered landscapes

Picturesque scenery around Irrsee lake ...

Glittering hills and meadows, sunshine in abundance, Cross country skiing tracks leading right across the white winter wonderland. Enjoy unspoilt nature in perfect tune with your body and your mind.

Oberhofen boasts a 8 km long, perfectly laid Nordic skiing trail connected to the Zell am Moos and Strasswalchen cross country skiing networks.

The frozen Irrsee lake makes a perfect place for endless ice skating or ice curling adventures. A truly unique experience for the whole family. Maybe you prefer ski touring in Oberhofen and its beautiful surroundings, for examply to Irrsberg, Koglerberg or the picturesque pilgrimage church in Sommerholz.

Among the highlights also ranks a romantic ride in the horse-drawn carriage, taking you to the region´s most beautiful spots.

Oberhofen has a lot to offer in summer and winter alike! Restore new energies in the heart of Upper Austria´s scenic winter landscapes.
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Tourismusverband MondSeeLand Mondsee-Irrsee
Oberhofen 12
4894 Oberhofen am Irrsee, Austria
Oberhofen am Irrsee - Oberhofen  am  Irrsee Upper Austria