• Elevation: 425 Residents: 15.075 Tiscover Accommodations: 8 Location: Lakeside, Riverside, By a mountain, Golf course nearby, Near Cable Car, Close to ski slopes
  • Elevation: 767 Residents: 2.000 Tiscover Accommodations: 9 Location: Lakeside, By a mountain, Near Cable Car, Near Cross Country Ski Track, Close to ski slopes
    Horse-drawn Sledge Rides by Night more holiday information Gosau
  • Elevation: 528 Residents: 2.100 Tiscover Accommodations: 4 Location: Riverside, By a mountain, Close to ski slopes

    Perfect winter holidays far away from noisy tourist centers!

    more holiday information Grünau im Almtal
  • Elevation: 712 Residents: 1.218 Tiscover Accommodations: 2 Location: Lakeside, By a mountain, Lake nearby
  • Elevation: 523 Residents: 2.500 Location: Riverside, By a mountain

    A charming and family-oriented health resort conveniently located in the heart of the lovely Salzkammergut Lake District.

    more holiday information Gschwandt
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