Luxuriant forests, colorful meadows and sweeping views make Eidenberg a great place for relaxing holidays. The borough of Eidenberg with its two main towns of Eidenberg and Untergeng is a popular destination for day-trippers. Set between the meandering Große Rodl River in the South and the forested hills in the North, Eidenberg is a paradise for nature lovers. On clear days you can see across the pristine Danube valley all the way to the Alpine foothills and the Northern Limestone Alps. On warm fall days you can bask in the sunshine and enjoy the stunning views of the fog-shrouded valley down below.
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Winter sports are very popular in Eidenberg, especially Nordic skiing. When the trees are covered in a layer of white frost and the snow glitters in the sun like a million diamonds the time has come to celebrate the beauty of nature and revel in the great activities of the season. Popular activities include ice curling, Nordic skiing on high hills or along Grosse Rodl river and hiking hiking in the crisp air. Being outdoors in the winter is incredibly energizing and fills your lungs with fresh oxygen. Local athletes have achieved great successes in Nordic skiing and participated in national and world championships and even in Olympic games.
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Gemeindeamt Eidenberg
Stiftsstrasse 2
4201 Eidenberg, Austria