Culture days on Lake Constance

Vorarlberg's capital is known as the center of Lake Constance and its surrounding areas. Among the yearly attractions ranks the unrivaled Bregenzer Festspiele, a superb lakeside festival. But the lovely town has many other cultural highlights and idyllic places to offer – like the Dance Festival and the changing exhibitions at the Bregenz Kunsthaus. Dreamlike lakeside promenades and superb beach areas for keen swimmers add to a wonderful stay. A hiking tour to Pfänder (1064 m) rewards with dreamlike panoramic views of Lake Constance. In winter, the Pfänder mountain boasts superb ski slopes and marvelous winter hiking routes.

Nature and culture holidays in Bregenz

Bregenz nestles in a beautiful area where three countries meet - Austria, Switzerland, Germany – thus being a both cultural and geographic center rich in places worth-seeing and recreational facilities. Vorarlberg's capital with its 28,000 inhabitants is renowned for genuine hospitality and the huge range of summer activities and offers. The Bregenzer Festspiele lakeside festival is the yearly culture highlight in Bregenz, held on the unique lakeside stage in July and August. Further attractions not to be missed are the varied exhibitions and events taking place at the modern Kunsthaus. Nature lovers can explore the wonderful walking trails and cycle paths with the stunning Pfänder peak (1064 m) as lovely backdrop, which also makes a perfect vantage point overlooking Lake Constance and its idyllic surroundings.
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1 Lake in Bregenz

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    18 - 24 °C
    Size: 536 km² Beach: Sandy Beach, Sunning Lawn Village: Bregenz Region: Lake Constance-Vorarlberg
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Information on the region

Skiing fun and magic winter in Bregenzerwald

A fascinating winter wonderland is waiting for you in Bregenz and its scenic surroundings. Pfänder peak, the town's landmark, offers superb winter sports and top-to-bottom skiing down to the valley – snow permitting. Both skiers and snowboarders can indulge in the blue waters of Lake Constance, a truly unique combination! In addition to immaculate ski slopes, the Pfänder mountain is also renowned for myriad other activities like fun-filled toboggan adventures or idyllic snowshoeing amid unspoilt nature. Winter walking on the shore of Lake Constance creates dreamlike memories, followed by a rest stop in one of the quaint huts and inns either in the mountains or on the valley floor. Culinary delights and typical Vorarlberg specialties are served in Bregenz throughout the seasons.

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Bregenz ... ... is Austria's culture and relaxation capital at Lake Constance, the capital of Vorarlberg, seat of the regional government, 27,000 inhabitants. Situated in the border region between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein Bregenz has to offer a lot, in every season of the year.

The town is already 2000 years old, the Celtic Brigants and the Romans have lived here and the mediaeval centre with the Baroque onion tower is still preserved. The third largest lake of Central Europe forms the boundary of the city in the west, water sports are a must here. Bregenz is a great town for relaxation and shopping, but also the cultural stronghold of the whole region. The famous Festspiele, great events, the interesting architecture, the Kunsthaus, numerous theatres and galleries are part of the program throughout the year.
Bregenz, this is Austrians culture and recovering place at the Lake Constanze. Capital town of Vorarlberg, seat of the government, 28000 inhabitatns. In the 4 corner country Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein Bregenz offer the more of everything. And this at any season.

2000 years is the age of the town, the Briganties and Romans settled down here and the middle aged centre with its baroque onion shaped tower is high above the town. The third biggest lake of Middle Europe is the border of the town in the west, water sports is just a must. The 1064 m high mountain Pfänder is a real sightseeing tower with a unique 360° panoramic view. Bregenz is leisure and shopping town and still a culturell castle for the whole region. The world famous festivals, splendid events and wonderful architecture, the art house, variouw theatres and galleries offer events throughout the years.
Bregenz, the More at the lake.
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From Germany: via Stuttgart - Singen - Meersburg - Lindau
via Augsburg/Munich - Kempten - Lindau
From Switzerland: via Zurich - St.Gallen - St.Margarethen/

via Zurich-Walensee-Sargans
From Austria: via Innsbruck - Landeck - Arlberg tunnel or pass
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Train connections to Innsbruck, Linz, Wien, Graz
CH: Zurich, St. Gallen, Sargans
Ger: Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, München
Train information: Tel. 1717 / Bus information at the station
International airports:
Innsbruck/A 180 km (direct train connection)
Altenrhein/CH 23 km (shuttle service)
Zürich 120 km (direct train connection)
Friedrichshafen/D 35 km
München/D 170 km (train connection)
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Bregenz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing
Rathausstraße 35a
6900 Bregenz, Austria
Bregenz Vorarlberg