Welcome to Höfen! Höfen is a small, rural town in the Reutte holiday region. The lovely village stretches to the shores of river Lech.

Until the first bridge was built in Reutte there was a ford in Höfen which already Romans used to cross river Lech. The base terminal of the Reutte ski lifts is located on the outskirts of town. A gondola and a chairlift bring you effortlessly to Höfener Alm and Hahnenkamm, sunny pasturelands crisscrossed with numerous footpaths. Discover the beauty of the Alpine flora on a leisurely stroll through the Alpine Flower Garden.

The village in the foothills of Hahnenkamm Peak

Höfen nestles amidst a marvelous hiking area
Take a unique ride in the mountain gondola and discover the scenic mountains and pasturelands of the Hahnekamm area, a truly outstanding walking and hiking region.
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Town:  Höfen

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Climate & Weather

  • Today
    11 / 17 °C
  • Tomorrow
    8 / 14 °C
  • Wednesday
    8 / 13 °C
  • Thursday
    12 / 19 °C
  • Friday
    14 / 22 °C
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Travel Route & Address

Innsbruck - Fernpass Reutte - Höfen
Bregenz - Hochtannberg - Lechtal - Höfen - Kempten - Reutte - H.
Munich - Garmisch - Reutte - Höfen
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Train: Innsbruck - Reutte, Garmisch - Reutte, Kempten - Reutte
Bus: Reutte - Höfen
Innsbruck and Munich Airports
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Hauptstraße 24
6604 Höfen, Austria
Hoefen Tirol