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Culinary specialties from the Alpbachtal Valley

It's sweet, crunchy, tasty and has cylindrical form ...

it's yellow-gold and depending on the storage hard or soft - the Brandenberger Prügeltorte, a kind of Baumkuchen typical for our region.

The ingredients are: eggs, flour, butter and sugar. When cut, the cake reveals the characteristic golden rings that give it it's name, Baumkuchen or translated literally, "Tree Cake". To get the ring effect, a thin layer of batter is brushed evenly onto a spit and allowed to bake until golden. The most skilled baker will repeat this process numerous times. The Prügeltorte is part of every festival in Brandenberg. It tastes delicious especially with coffee and it can be kept for a long time.

Have you become nosy? Visit a restaurant or inn near Brandenberg and you will get to know this culinary delight.