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  • Elevation: 982 Residents: 622 Location: Riverside, By a mountain
    The town of Abfaltersbach stands out as a little gem of authenticity and coziness. The perfect place to relax and unwind.... more holiday information Abfaltersbach
  • Elevation: 632 Residents: 6.600 Tiscover Accommodations: 1 Location: By a mountain
    Welcome to Absam more holiday information Absam
  • A warm welcome to Absdorf! more holiday information Absdorf
  • Elevation: 712 Residents: 5.734 Tiscover Accommodations: 8 Location: Riverside, By a mountain, In the valley, Near Cable Car, Near Cross Country Ski Track, Close to ski slopes
  • Tiscover Accommodations: 1
  • Elevation: 930 Residents: 2.162 Tiscover Accommodations: 38 Location: Lakeside, Golf course nearby, Near Cross Country Ski Track, Close to ski slopes
    The small holiday resort at the northern end of lake Achensee. more holiday information Achenkirch am Achensee
  • Elevation: 440 Residents: 1.510
    Welcome to Upper Austria's oldest pilgrimage site and most beautiful village! more holiday information Adlwang
  • Elevation: 641 Residents: 2.850 Tiscover Accommodations: 2 Location: Riverside, By a mountain, Near Cross Country Ski Track, Close to ski slopes
  • Elevation: 650 Residents: 3.900 Location: By a mountain
  • Elevation: 820 Residents: 450 Location: By a mountain
  • Elevation: 765-1810 Residents: 2.427 Tiscover Accommodations: 4 Location: By a mountain, Close to ski slopes
    The health resort of Aflenz is located on the south-facing side of the Hochschwab massif and has a pleasant climate thanks to its sheltered position. more holiday information Aflenz
  • Elevation: 710 Residents: 1.522 Tiscover Accommodations: 2 Location: Lakeside, By a mountain
    The holiday resort of Afritz am See nestles amid the gently rolling Nockberge hills. more holiday information Afritz am See
  • Elevation: 214-507 Residents: 680 Tiscover Accommodations: 1 Location: Riverside, Out in the open
    Welcome to Aggsbach Markt! more holiday information Aggsbach
  • Elevation: 828 Residents: 491 Location: By a mountain

    The most important cultural center within the entire region!
    more holiday information Ahorn
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