Bunker Museum Wurzenpass - Arnoldstein

Arnoldstein Carinthia

Kept secret for many decades - and now open to the public!
Cold War between East and West -

Austria installed a secret network of bunkers, field fortifications and barrages. They were meant to save the small and neutral Alpine Republic from attacks and marching throughs. Even on Wurzen Pass in Carinthia extensive war preparation took place – for the protection of the Austrian state border and the defense of the military key area of Arnoldstein/Villach.

For the first time now the "Bunker Museum Wurzenpass/Carinthia" offers the opportunity to get an impression of the bunkers prepared during the Cold War. You can have a look at a comprehensive documentation and exhibition dealing with the – until now – secret and unknown history of the Austrian Field Fortifications and their "Barrage Troops" (1955 - 2005).

Be it with your family or on your own, as part of a school class or tourist group: A trip to the "hidden world" of Austria's recent history will certainly be a lasting impression.

Set off for an impressive tour of our large, fenced-in museum covering an area of 11,400 m² and discover the bunker station across a vast trench system.

This museum is not meant to glorify force, the military or weapons: Within a unified Europe bunkers have fortunately become obsolete. They now have a memorial function to prevent future generations from forgetting about the past.

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