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Strobl Salzburg

The Abersee Lipphaus local folk museum on the Breitenbachbauer farm in Strobl originates from about 1500 and is first mentioned in documents as Praytt

The name “Lipphaus” comes from "Philippus" Eisl, who bought the house in 1574, thereby adding it to the Breitenbach Estate.

In 1899 the original flat roof was replaced with a steeply pitched hipped roof, with the hip ends on the east and west sides.

The Lipphaus was lived in until 1977, subsequently being turned into a local folk museum by the "Aberseer Museumsverein" (the Abersee Museum Association). This had been founded in the interim period before the museum opened a year later, in 1978, as the "Aberseer Heimatmuseum Lipphaus" (Lipphaus local folk museum of Abersee). No changes were made to the building’s construction, to the windows or doorways, nor even to the layout of the rooms. During the conversion, the rustic ornamentation on the upper edge and sides of the outside facade were revealed, as were the door and window surrounds.

Little by little the museum was furnished with exhibits.

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