Bad Ischl

Burgstallkogel - Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl Upper Austria

Mythical Place

Castle-like elevation that used to be connected with Lauffen and Wildenstein Castle, with a nice view and a shrine on the summit. The horses of Wildenstein Castle are said to have grazed there. Today it is a nice vantage point with a shrine. The legend has it that when the bishop of Salzburg had to flee one day he hid a statue of the Virgin Mary at Burgstallkogel, above of Höllbauer farm, Anzenau 6 and he vowed to build a church in this area. A shepherd found the statue and brought it into this hut. Yet on the next day it was back in the niche, from where he took it. Later on the bishop kept his promise and had a church built in Lauffen, in the shade of the mountain. The statue of the Virgin Mary is now accommodated therein.

4820 Bad Ischl, Austria

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