Adventure Pile Dwelling - Pavilion Seewalchen - Salzkammergut

Seewalchen am Attersee Upper Austria

As with the end of the Ice Age glaciers melted away, and remained the Salzkammergut lakes in its present form, was a climatically favorable period in

My day at the lake

The pavilion in Seewalchen invites visitors to put themselves in the role of a prehistoric person. Lakeside life is described in a compact form. These are Stories about the not-so-wild people of the Sone and Bronze ages, about children and elderly people, and about the small and bigger challenges of everdy life.
Was there such a thing as leisure time, or was life shaped by practival activities and the fight for survival?Which illnesses threatened people, and to what age did they live?What kind of jewellery did people wear?How do we know what they looked like?The buildings have had to be regularly overhauled. It is probable that they were occupied for 10 to 30 years. There was little privacy in the small houses.

Mr. Gerald Egger
zwischen Promenade und Agerbrücke
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