Leopoldsbrunnen Fountain - Innsbruck


This equestrian statue, situated on Rennweg Street, is the oldest surviving depiction of a rearing horse north of the Alps. It´s rider, Archduke Leopold V, was the ruler of Tirol from 1619 to 1632. Statues of goddesses and sea deities by Caspar Gras. The original figures can be admired at the Ferdinandeum Museum.

The statues were put up in the 17th century in Hofgarten and Rennweg. During the times of the Tirolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer the undressed statues caused quite a stir, and he therefore wanted to have them molten down. Some of the statues were removed to the Imperial Palace, others to Ambras castle. The equestrian statue of the Arch Duke was located in front of todays Landestheater.

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